Friday, July 01, 2005

Egypt's Crown Prince: Dad & Mom bought me a country with its people.
And bouns gang to recruit Egyptians to work for me.

Mubarak had his son in mind since he came to power. This is an evidence, since more than 16 years ago in 1989. He deceived us all. Why would a son of a president lead an official delegation, 8 years after his dad takes office??

The Arabic story was published in Al-Ahram June 6, 1989 (Read Translation below)

Al-khoweldy Al-Hameedy receives Gamal Hosni Mubarak

Middle East News Agency:Tripoli, June 6, 1989 - Mr. Gamal Hosni Mubarak and the Egyptian accompanying delegation that participated in re-operating EgyptAir flights to Libya yesterday visited the Libyan Leader. Moamer Al-Ghadafi at his house in Tripoli.

The Egyptian delegation was also received by Mr. Al-khoweldy Al-Hameedy who is member of the historical leadership and the security official in the general secretariat in Libya.

Tripoli radio quoted Mr. Gamal Mubarak as saying that meetings were cordial, adding that Al-Hameedy is looking forward for full normalization in relations between Egypt and Libya.

The Egyptian delegation returned to Egypt last night." END OF THE FARCE

It is very generous of a parent to give a country with its people as gift to their son. I wish I have the same openhanded dad and mom. Not only that but also a recruited gang of ignorant mercenaries around him who are taking the role of recruiting and brainwashing other Egyptians to make them believe that he is the sole brilliant personality in the history of Egypt. Long live the Crown Prince and his royal family for the despicable disgusting VALUES they are trying to instill in our society.


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