Thursday, September 15, 2005

Egypt had assured Israel that it would prevent weapons smuggling

We all knew that weapons were smuggled to the terrorist group of Hamas through Egypt, but to be as clear as day... I think this is too much. Egypt was always denying the tunnels. I guess there is no room for denying now.
Egyptian-made pistols that were recently sold in Gaza for US$1,400 (1,140) can now be bought for as little as US$180, said an arms dealer who identified himself only as Khader, for fear of arrest.
Another dealer, who was interviewed in a car just outside the Rafah cemetery, said hundreds of AK-47s had been smuggled from Egypt since Monday. He said he has already sold his loot to militant groups, but declined to say how many pieces his runners brought back.
The dealer, a balding man with a two-day stubble, said he went to Egypt to meet his business partners, with whom he had dealt on the phone during the past five years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. “They cooked us a nice meal in the hills ... and took us on a tour of the beach,” he said.


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