Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Egypt's Parliamentary Elections is Set for 11/8

An Egyptian government official has told AFP that Egypt's legislative elections will kick off on November 8 for a period of three weeks.

The polls to elect a new People's Assembly will come exactly two months after the country's first pluralist presidential election, which saw incumbent Hosni Mubarak secure a fifth six-year term.

The official said on condition of anonymity "The parliamentary elections will take place in three different stages in three geographic areas which have yet to be determined by the electoral commission."

He said the three election days would be held at 10-day intervals.

Out of the Egyptian parliament's 454 MPs, 444 are elected while the remaining 10 are appointed by the president, whose National Democratic Party currently controls 404 seats.The second largest force in parliament is the Muslim Brotherhood, which is officially banned but is expected to field around 150 candidates as independents.


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