Monday, November 28, 2005

EU monitors say Egypt election was 'rigged', US voices Concern over Violence

World Tribune reported that the EU admitted that the Parliamentarians' elections was rigged.

I am happy also that the statement released by the European Union (EU) released that the regime is capable of intimidating whenever possible as the site reports:

"A European Parliament statement said the (EU) delegation decided to boycott the second round of voting, which took place on Saturday. The statement said the delegation became the target of pro-government agents who sought to block the (EU) Parliamentarians from entering a polling station during the first round of elections on Nov. 9."

The site mentioned that British parliamentarian Edward McMillan-Scott, who led the delegation, said vote-buying was common during the elections. He also reported ballot stuffing, inaccurate lists of registered voters and intimidation. The parliamentarian said the delegation would issue a full report.

In another story by AFP: US renews concern over Egypt vote violence

The United States renewed its "real concern" over violence in Egypt's parliamentary elections, where the opposition Muslim Brotherhood has scored well despite attempts at voter intimidation.

US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack called on Cairo, one of Washington's staunchest Middle East allies, to ensure a free and open ballot untainted by fear or strong-arm tactics. Read my blog about my first time voting experience. At least I did it once.


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