Saturday, November 26, 2005

AlMashareq site writes about Egyptian bloggers on Elections

I found this interesting site called AlMashareq. I was so curious to learn about this site and I looked for the "About Us" section. And I learned that AlMashareq is a portal for news, information and discussions that touchs issues important to the peoples of the Middle East. AlMashareq is published six days a week in three language editions: Arabic, Farsi, and English.
And, AlMashareq is sponsored by the US Central Command, the joint military command responsible for US operations in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, the Northern Red Sea Region, the Horn of Africa, South and Central Asia.
The article on Egyptian bloggers of AlMashareq, in Arabic and Farsi also, starts as following "While some bloggers voiced concern over the future of Egypt if the parliament was dominated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, others touched upon the violence that occurred during this democratic process." The article features me, Big Pharoh, Rosetta Stone and Egyptian Sandmonkey.
The site is running its hot topic for this week on the Muslim Brotherhood electoral participation.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Mohamed said...

very intresting dicussion there! there was no one probably but you and me :)

anyway i've left a comment there, hope someone else would showup.


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