Friday, May 12, 2006

Plainclothes Police Savagely Beat Pro-Reform Protesters in Egypt

One more time, the Egyptian regime brutally attacks protesters that are supporting the pro-reform judges. Pictures speak for themselves...Where does in the world still protesters are treated like this?
Previously more attacks....
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Pro-reform Activists Attacked Again in Egypt! July 24, 2005


At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The police is just going crazy. There is no hope in the government. They act with impunity with no fear of inside/outside reprimand. On the other hand, the majority of population is passive.
Sorry for my pessimistic comment this time,
Egyptian in Germany

At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Egyptians suffered brutality at the hands of their rullers in all this history, Anis Mansour writes :

سفاح يجمع الضرائب لأسباب نبيلة؟!

أنيس منصور

آليت على نفسي أن أزيل هذه الإهانة، فوراء الشارع الذي أسكنه شارع يحمل اسم «قرة بن شريك»، وهو أحد الولاة على مصر، وقد عينه الوليد بن عبد الملك، وكانت عنده تعليمات واضحة بأن يجمع الضرائب من المصريين ثلاث سنوات مقدماً، لأن الوليد قرر أن يبني المسجد الأقصى، وبناه في سنة 91 هجرية، وبنى أيضاً مسجد الصخرة أو مسجد عمر بفلوس المصريين.
أما كيف جمع هذه الفلوس فمن الجزية التي فرضها على أقباط مصر، وقد استخدم الكرباج والطرد والسجن والتجويع، وكان الذي لا يدفع الجزية من الأقباط يكويه بالنار، وتظل علامات الكي دليلاً على أنه قبطي وعلى أنه رافض، أو رفض بعض الوقت أن يدفع الجزية، ثم دفعها صاغراً، وقد هرب الفلاحون من الأرض، تركوها حتى بارت، وتركوا حيواناتهم أيضاً، وأعادهم «قرة بن شريك» في السلاسل إلى أرضهم يعملون حتى الموت، ولا بد من دفع الضريبة أو الجزية، ومن هذه الأموال التي أكره المصريين على دفعها بنى المسجد الأقصى ومسجد عمر أيضاً.
وقد ظهر في الأسبوع الماضي كتاب ضخم اسمه «تاريخ مصر» أو على الأصح تاريخ أقباط مصر من تأليف «ساويرس ابن المقفع»، وفي هذا الكتاب تعرض المؤلف إلى مذابح «قرة بن شريك» وكيف أن هذا الوالي السفاح تفنن في تعذيب الفلاح المصري، وكيف خطف اللقمة من فمه والرداء من عليه وتركه في العراء، إلا إذا دفع المبلغ الخرافي، أما كيف يأتي بالمال فهذا شأنه، بأن يبيع أرضه وعرضه وأولاده وحيواناته، المهم أن يدفع، وأهم من ذلك يكنز «قرة بن شريك» هذه الأموال ويبعث بها للخليفة لعله يرضى، وقد رضي عنه الخليفة، وحاول المصريون أكثر من مرة اغتيال «قرة بن شريك»، وفشلوا في القضاء عليه، ولما أوفد المصريون من يتظلم، ووقف المندوب لا يطلب رد القضاء وإنما اللطف فيه، ولم يكمل عبارة واحدة حتى طار رأسه عبرة لكل من تحدثه نفسه أن يعترض.
ولا بد من إزالة اسم هذا السفاح من شوارع مصر مهما كانت صعوبة تغيير العقود والسجلات المدنية لكل العقارات والمحلات التجارية.

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The big problem is that the government doesn't give a flying toss if these pictures are on the front page of the big newspapers. They can get away with anything they want ! none of the superpowers say or do anything about these crimes that are commited against ordinary Egyptains on the streets every other day . The bulldogs have now attacking cameramen, journalist who are trying to get their jobs done ! What a discrace !! Their brutality has no limits. Police don't care about theives or normal day to day trouble the only thing the minister of interior cares about is the President and his sons . The police has turned into "Political Police" taking care of the guys interests . That is the main reason the minister of interior didn't lose his job after Taba, Sharm , Dhahab, MFO attacks , bombs in cairo and the sudanese refugees massacre !!

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brutality by Egyptian Police Gangsters :

Please see this Link :


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A message of hate towards NON-MOSLIMS distributed by the Egyptian government on the site of the Egyptian Ministry of Waqf :

DR. Maryam Jameelah
Islam is unique among all other religions in that it alone possesses an authentic scriptures. The Holy Quran informs us that the Jews and Christians have corrupted their scriptures by mixing the original revelation with human interpolations and interpretations until the former could not be distinguished from the latter.
Concerning the earlier Prophets and religious teachers, very little of their life histories have come down to us. Thus we know less about Moses (peace be upon him) than Socrates and nothing at all concerning Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) before he began his brief three-year career of preaching.
Islam abhors the doctrine of secularism. The Muslim can thrive only in an Islamic environment which is his duty to establish:

Why does not Islam regard the non-Muslim as equal to the Muslim? If Muslims cannot regard Judaism or Christianity on a plane of equality with Islam, the non-Muslim will wonder what kind of treatment Hindus, Buddhists, pagans, agnostics and atheists can expect to receive under Muslim rule.

Islam teaches that a common faith is the Only bond which can unite the human race. A man should be judged only on the criterion of whether he is believer or a non-believer and how effectively he implements his faith in his practical daily life. Such distinctions as race, nationality or social status are mere accidents of birth over which the individual has no control. Any discrimination on these grounds is rank injustice. The individual is responsible for what he believes and what he does. He is always at liberty to determine his faith and control his behaviour.
The utter failure of such world organizations as the League of Nations and the United Nations is proof of this fallacy. Universal peace and brotherhood can only be attained when the majority of mankind embrace common ideals. Suppose a husband and wife had nothing in common. Everything he considered good, she considered evil; whatever he thought was beautiful, she regarded as ugly; everything he thought important, she considered trivial; everything he believed was true, she rejected as false-they would be quarreling continuously and could not live together for a single day! They could not reconcile their differences and save their marriage simply by the assertion that both are human beings! Although it cannot be denied that all human beings possess common qualities, in the ideological battle, the human tie alone is not enough!
On what foundation can a lasting reconciliation between Muslims, Jews and Christians be based? We must realize that under the existing circumstances, no friendship is possible. Jewry and Christendom have joined hands to destroy us and all we cherish. Zionism, freemasonry, Christian missionary activity and Orientalism have combined to annihilate us religiously, culturally and even physically. It would be sheer folly to kiss the hands that are beating us!.
Peaceful relations and mutual respect among us can only be achieved through strength. We must cease indulging in apologetics and present the Islamic message to the world honestly and forthrightly. Before we can hope to succeed with Tabligh on a large scale, we must first convert the nominal Muslims into true believers. We must establish a full-blooded Islamic state where the world will witness our precepts translated into action. Finally, we must crush the conspiracies of Zionism, free-masonry, Orientalism and foreign missions both with the pen and with the sword. We cannot afford peace and reconciliation with the Ahl al Kitab until we can humble them and gain the upper hand .

At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Freedom ,
For the love of Egypt that fills our hearts , I ask you to read the above article and write a Comment .

The Link is :


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Ancient Clown said...

The Kingdom of God is about you now, men of violence always think they can take it with violence.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown


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