Monday, June 05, 2006

Former actress Hanan Turk’s Call for an Iranian Movie Industry in Egypt

Well I am not so sure that my western friends have heard about this phenomenon or not before. In Egypt, there is a fashion for some actresses to work for a while and then suddenly decide on wearing the Islamic Hijab (veil over the head). Some of them abandon the acting forever, but in most cases they do not abandon public life.

If you ask me if you want to live your life in a hole, well I would say it is your life and you are free to do so. I believe in personal freedom that guarantees any decision in the individual’s life without harming the others. The problem with these actresses that they insist on bugging us on TV shows and press interviews with their religious agendas. Because after wearing the Islamic hijab, she changes her job from being an actress into an Islamic preacher who attends religious circles, presents TV shows on Islamic channels and tries to convince other women to wear Hijab. In fact, they use their fame to return the society centuries back. They believe that the only way for woman to be a true Muslim is to wear a veil to protect herself from the male dogs who the moment they will see a woman with her hair will rape her. And working as actress is of course drawing many dogs towards her. There are other women who wear it because they believe it is only Islamic.

Hanan Turk, an ex-Egyptian actress, decided to wear a Hijab to join the pious actresses, however the new thing about her is that she wants the Egyptian movie industry to be an Iranian one. She is selling the Iranian revolution project to the Egyptians. Who is this person to impose on our movie industry that has a history of close to one century to be an Iranian? This woman has no idea that Iranians would love to have an open country and that there are women in the Gulf countries who are fighting for their political and woman’s rights. The problem is not in wearing the Hijab or not, but in the values these “repenting” actresses are calling for. They do not call for protection of animals, freedoms, democracy, diversity, equal opportunities, dissipating hatred among nations or women’s rights. They call for women to wear hijab and be obedient to her husband’s needs and claim that shaking hands with men is forbidden and that art is a sin that’s why they are repenting.

Hanan Turk took this decision to wear the Hijab, but I wish I do not see her any more in the press or TV or the Cinema because I would love to see real art.


At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my dear FFE,

Glad to see you blogging again. I agree that these actresses, if they want to quit, they should quit quitely and not bother us with their ''spectacular'' views on life.
It is a fault in our society that anybody can claim to be an expert and speak about anything, with no chance for dicussion,
Egyptian in Germany

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

YES I am back to blogging. I have to stop being lazy:) I had a nice break from blogging.

OUF these actresses are a role model for retardedness. I am so sorry to say so.

I do not mind what they do with themselves but not go public and say nonesense.

Last time when I was in Cairo, I saw a TV interview with one of these actresses who did not want to lose the spotlights for one sec since she wore the veil.

Her only points were how a woman can make a man happy, something I do not mind, but she never mentions that women also have the right to be happy and receive kindness in return. They have slave mentalities. How to make a woman a slave to a man and make him happy....

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on. Fully agree!! The problem are the media outlets who grant these ''actresses'' air time.
I am really glad you are back to blogging.
Egyptian in Germany

At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Nancy El-Gindy said...

The way i see it....if they have the right to speak out with whatever interests them...we have no right to say that they shouldnt. Turk is basically exercising her right to free speech (assuming ppl have it in certain circumstances lol)..she is in no way IMPOSING anything! thats a ridiculous word to use. She has no power.

Egyptians are some of the most conservative Muslims in the Islamic world. Most shouldnt really take advice on Islam from mainstream Muslims..cause they dont know what they're talking about. However, as a student of History and Islam i must object to some of the things said in this post.

First of all, the whole hand shaking ordeal: Its not the ACT of hand shaking thats haram...the whole point is that women (and men of course) cannot have physical contact with men who are not matter what..whether its hand shaking or hugging or whatever (unless of course they're very young or old). This is an Islamic fact..its not just some stupid claim...even the most "flexible" Islamic scholars agree to this.

Second, i dont really like the tone taken about the veil in this post. I mean my act as if its an evil conspiracy that only subjugates women ..a very very very common western way of thinking about it.

You said: "They believe that the only way for woman to be a true Muslim is to wear a veil to protect herself from the male dogs who the moment they will see a woman with her hair will rape her."

I highly doubt this is what they think...(whoever THEY are--assuming you mean conservative Muslim women). The principle of hijab is so much more complex than simply covering your hair from men because they're gonna rape you if they see it. Thats utterly ridiculous. Yes, they do see it (which it IS intended to be) as a form of protection...while unfortunately the customs and culture of the Middle East concentrates on the "obedience" of women...Islam dictates this to both women and men. Men have a dress code and should not be looking at women who are veiled or NOT VEILED to begin with. So its not only the woman's role to wear hijab..but the man's role not to look (which is NOT an easy thing to do). I really really think people should seriously differentiate between unfortunate customs of the MIddle East that ignore Islamic principles...and what Islam dictates. Not seperating the two causes people to see Islam in a very different and often negative light.

They dont call for the protection of animals?? are you kidding me? Before calling on for the protection of animals..they should be calling on the protection of humans (not saying that animals should not be protected...Islamically it is very important to protect them and not harm them: "If even a little sparrow has been killed unjustly, it will appear before the Lord of the worlds crying for justice!"(An-Nasa'i, Ad-Darami, and Ahmad)).

But the fact is that these people live in severe poverty and humiliation. I really doubt anyone has the time or energy to make a movement for the protection of stray animals.

Just like the secularists have the right to go on tv half naked and say that they would rather live a western lifestyle and that they think the hijab would stop them from doing that...a conservative has the right to do the opposite. If turk wants to preach and try to convince people that this path is the right way...well she has all the right to. I dont know why anyone needs to be complaining...nothings being foced on anyone.

Its always when someone of religion comes on tv and tries to preach that all of a sudden its taboo and its propaganda...let it be...if you dont wanna do something..dont do it...if you do..then go ahead and do it. Who cares!??

This is the public sphere...THIS is where people exercise freedom (if anyone studied philosophy they'll get it)..where else do people exercise thier freedom of speech? As long as its not harmful, insulting, degrading or completely not factual (spreading false information)..then so be it.

At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True; they do have the right to speak out.. as much as anybody else does.. however.. they do not have the right.. as much as nobody else does bardo to impose ideas and drag us back to where we started long time ago. Actually we were way more modernized in the 20's up till the 70's. Religions actually should not come on TV; this is something strictly personal between yourself and whomever you chose.. if some are seeking for the right path.. religious institutions are crowding our streets and welcoming "sinners". If you think that veil protects you and forbids ppl from looking and having any sexual desires.. well am glad to inform you that arab muslim countries are on top of the list of sexual suppresion and the spread of gay/lesbians. If a piece of hair attracts a male then this guy was ill raised and needs to wake up to the 21st century

At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Nancy El-Gindy said...

Okay first of all...please try not to use the word "IMPOSE" ...she has absolutely no power to IMPOSE anything upon anyone. Thats totally incorrect. If she wants to go off and say that there is no God or that God is the only way and should be part of society as a whole...then thats her choice....theres a HUGE difference between stating her opinion and advocating something and IMPOSING (which is basically a type of forceful action) on somebody. Please be careful with your wording.

Its people that continue to say that religious ppl IMPOSE things on others that make everything just so much harder...and widen the gap, creating yet more misunderstandings.

I dont know why religion CANT be represented on tv. What is it gonna do to society?? How will that harm anyone at all? Yet its okay to have shows with girls and guys going to bars getting drunk? If one side can be shown...i dont think its at all fair to say the other cant. TV is supposed to be a reflection of today's society. We are supposed to discuss todays issues and show todays people...if like half of the country is very can you shut them out? Religion IS private..but it doesnt mean that we should pretend it doesnt exist. Religion is private in the sense that everyone can choose what to and what not to believe. Nothing should be forced...but thats it. It just almost seems that those that think religion should not be shown on tv, are threatened by it somehow. Its the same with the conservatives that dont want secular issues to be shown on tv. Even though i personally do NOT like the stupid egyptian shows with people going off to clubs, and drinking and doing this and that..blah blah blah..what the hell am i gonna do? simply dont watch it. So if you dont like have the freedom to switch the channel.

Second of all. Please dont categorize all Arabs the same and please dont mistakingly think that religion is directly connected to SOME of thier sexual suppression. I dont know how much you know about Islam..but if anyone knows the religion correctly, they'll know that most policies in countries such as Saudi Arabia where yes, homosexuality and "sexual suppression" exists, are based on a conservative culture more than Islam. There's nothing in Islam that says women cant work, drive, etc etc.

The clearest indicator of just how wrong Saudi is, is the Qura'nic verse that says religion should not be forced upon people...hence forcing people to wear the veil and abaya's and such is not in compliance with Islamic principles. The reason why Saudis live the way they do (at least most of them) is because they're conservative, not necessarily religious.

I dont know why you said the Hijab is a "piece of cloth" because it is MUCH more complex than that. It doesnt simply cover your covers your whole body...its not simply the hair thats gonna arouse men. Thats ridiculous. Hijab is a way of dress...not simply a veil on your head. (there IS scientific proof of why women need to cover more than men do...women can be just as turned on...but often from different things than looks...from kind words..from a soft voice..from sweet talk...we can be just as aroused...but generally we dont get REALLY aroused simply by looking at a hot takes more than that for us. Guys are CAN only take a hot girl. Look it up..there's scientific and non-scientific backup for this claim).

And i never said that it stops you from having sexual desires. The whole point is that we DO have sexual desires..and will always have it cause we're all human beings. Its simply a way to help us control it more. And the phenomenon of gays and lesbians in the Arab world or whatever..does not mean they're suppressed...Gays and Lesbians exist in much higher counts in the west...yet there is no 'sexual suppression' there. homosexuals existed, exist, and will always exist...its not necessarily directly linked to a sexual problem...thats just the way they are!

It really makes no difference if you're convinced of this or not...but i just decided id express my views about the issue.

And by the way..the Iranian movie industry is amazing. They always have films in international film festivals..and alot are sooo much better than Egyptian movies. Iran is also MUCH more advanced, technologically, and if i may (yes this is my opinion), socially than many 'terrorists' have you seen come out of Iran compared to Egypt? Even though they live in a much more conservative society. Women have to wear the veil, but they vote, drive, work, are politically active, whatever, and Iran actually has REAL elections. It certainly is not a country to look down upon.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Michelle said...

Many blessings and much strength, continued love and peace to you, Nancy. I am very impressed by your thoughtful and non-emotional response to this article. How I do wish that people could truly see both sides of issues - especially those who post for large portions of the public. We Christians struggling with the concept of "modest dress" in the west could learn a few things from your reasoning, I think.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Nancy El-Gindy said...

Thank you Michelle. I appreciate your comment.

I dont like it when people attack religion in public life because if they think that it shouldnt be there...well religious people have all the right to equally think secularism should not be represented either. It seems like its always the conservatives that are attacked in this respect...and are made to look crazy or 'backward'.

I wish people would really think about what they are asking for and clear thier minds a bit to look at both sides ..and the COUNTER ARGUMENTS. If you just think of what others would argue against you and you realize that you cant reply...then you probably should rethink your reasoning.

At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys are bieng plain racist cause the woman chose to wear the hijab. therefore you are likening yourself to the extremists with your intolerance.

of course you'll delete this comment and you'll think up a stupid excuse.

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Korosh said...

Interesting article indeeed that is true I ,as an Iranian really understand what you'r saying about the struggle of the people of iran for their freedom and in my blog

I try to put the price that the iranians are paying for their freedom in Pictures I'l be glad to exchnage links with you sicne you are also an open minded pro freedom fighter.

Thanks ,Korosh

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont really understand wat the hell ur tryin to say... its her life! her decision... n when did "wearing the hejab" become a big deal n an obstacle that you do not wanna see on t.v or cinema or wat u said.>>> n its her damn life .. she wants to quit now thats great for HER .. y do u care?

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Nancy El-Gindy said...

I agree. I dont think this is a serious topic of discussion because its so personal and everyone has the freedom to watch or not watch what they want. I dont know why anyone would give a damn what she's doing in public (as long as its not spreading false information or being discriminatory or degrading in any way).

There are MUCH bigger and more serious problems in Egypt right now..i suggest everyone concentrate on the things that REALLY matter and are hurting society as a whole (injustice in the judicial system, extreme poverty, human rights violations governmental corruption, etc etc).

This topic of conversation i think is (if you dont mind me saying) stupid compared to the actual problems egyptian society is experiencing.

At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bravo hanan ,i admire your courage go on that way ,life does not belong to eternity 'you are in the good way

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank YOU alots ,I'm totaly with you ,she should be at here home not out site ,let every one forget here ,she was nice actor not any more ,we want real acting with real actor just like actor before we love them they knew what is to make moive ,this is fine art not hanan or other try to get some thing from there ,,,,to be more ,,,just go home you are telling women to wear this hijab
not about taking care of their children or something more humen
so many people do alots of wrong things below this veil it dose not mean you are good one or virtue you try to tell evey one ,Hanan who spent part in her life in Athena ,MY advice for you just wear it and stay away dont judge other to make your self ,to me you are no one ,you are not shadia ,fatin ,or marium fagher din or other

At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i have a few things to say about Hanan. She is and STILL is one of the bestactresses egypt has had. she is not an ex actress with proof that she has acted with it on. wearing hijab is a personal choice, and about her "imposing" the religion is what the media portrays us to think. i mean after such i big actress decides to take the big step of putting on hijab, obviously people are going to request interviews from her to explain her choice. her explanation is obviously islamicallybased, therefore people get the idea the she is trying to impose an idea rather than her given an explanition to millions of viewers curious around the globe.


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