Monday, July 31, 2006

Leilouta, Freedom and Nouri in a Moroccan Restaurant in DC

Two weeks ago, I met with the incredible Tunisian blogger Leilouta and Nouri in a Moroccan restaurant in DC. I thought we made a perfect alliance for the North African bloggers. I always wanted to have a Tunisian friend for all the social freedoms and openness I heard about in Tunisia and here is Leilouta. Nouri was the youngest among us all. I do not know how Algerians look like but apparently Nouri is a mix. He can be many things other than being an American/Algerian. Good for you man! I forgot to ask him how Algerian men look like. He could pass for an Egyptian, easy.

Leilouta and her husband are one of the most admirable couples I met in the States. They truly make a wonderful example for a couple and above all for that that bridge between the west and the east. Two worlds we might think will never meet, especially in view of all the current events around us.

The best part about the Moroccan restaurant was the belly dancing part. It was great. I felt I am so home. Part of my Egypt has just moved to DC that night to fill me with happiness and joy.

The only part that made me feel I am still in DC and not in Cairo is the reaction of the audience to the belly dancer. In Egypt, when a belly dancer starts dancing everyone starts clapping and some stand up to dance. It was only me and Leilouta who were giving the right reactions but I guess we knew why. We were the only two persons who are familiar with how should belly dancing should be treated. Leilouta gave her Tunisian ululation (zaghareet). Egyptians have a very recognizable one as well but regrettably I do not know how to do it. We do it in all weddings as a sign of happiness and way to declare that a celebration is taking place. The belly dancer was dancing on Egyptian music and that really made my night. I did not hear Hakim since a long time ago in a party. She was dancing on one of his songs.

I only regret that I forgot my digital cam to take pictures for the belly dancer, next time!

I borrowed this picture for Leilouta and Nouri from here. I refused to take pictures. I am in that mood since at four months that I do not want to take pictures, I do not know why. I was a photo manic until few months ago.


At 8:23 PM, Blogger KNL said...

I answered you question over at my blog ;)

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

What a nice blog you wrote about Algerians.

And rest in peace Nouri, I ll never tell you my age, but I am happy to look very young:)) That's the most important thing.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Charles N. Steele said...

Whta is the name of the restaurant? Once in a while I go to D.C.


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