Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Strangest Friday

Yesterday was really weird. I had an appointment at the Library of Congress to pick up a book. I made a phone with my cell phone from home, making sure that I will find the book I want. I left home by noon. I took the metro. Everything was great. I had my Ipod with me to listen to some Arabic music and songs. I can never be in a better mood, though it was a grey rainy day. However, I learned with difficulty to separate the weather conditions from my general mood. Growing up in Cairo, sunny days are my only definition for a weather forecast in any season of the year. I went to the Library of Congress to pick up the books. I met people from the Middle Eastern Reading Room at the Jefferson building, one of the most beautiful buildings anyone can see, and we had a lengthy discussion about the library and volunteering there. My books arrived. I took my books and left happy. I went to the metro one more time. Looking in my purse, I did not find my cell phone. I said no way and this can never be happening to me now by all means. I looked everywhere in my purse, it was not there. Here is another lovely weekend is about to begin. I asked what could be happening that I am losing my personal belongings. A week ago, I was at the National Geographic to watch a documentary movie. While watching the movie, I was by chance checking my pearl pair of earrings. Shoot. I discovered that I lost one. Those were my favorite ones. I wear them all the time. I spent the rest of the movie trying to figure out where did I lose them. But I knew the scenario. My hair entangled them and I pulled my hair. The earring flew somewhere, god knows where. The movie was followed by a reception. But guess where I have to spend the rest of my evening? With the security folks who offered to scan the auditorium trying to find it. I knew I won’t find it, but I was hopeful. They gave me a number to call in case the cleaning crew finds later at night. I knew that I had to I say goodbye to my earring.

I bid my earring farewell with sadness and I accepted the loss. I wasn’t very sure yesterday that this was the case with my cell phone. I stepped out of the train the next metro station to call my cell, hoping someone had found it. My cell was in a place that was not within a network reach or was closed. So I thought I must have lost in the train. This means another goodbye, but I wasn’t sure I can take the stress of losing my phone. I went home and I had all the catastrophic ideas filling my head. I called the woman from the Library of Congress I knew and asked her to give me the number of the lost and found desk. She gave it to me. It is Friday and the building is about to be closed. People are going home. I called the number. A person told me you might have to wait until Monday to check back. Now I am almost having a heart attack, asking myself where the hell was my mind when I lost this phone. Then he told but you can call the police operations, they work around the clock and you can get your cell if it was found during the weekend. I called I gave my descriptions of my cell. The most beautiful surprise was on my way. My cell phone was found. I guess I was about to kiss the sergeant over the phone.

I took back the metro to the Jefferson building. The building was closed. I asked the officer at the gate how to get in? He described another door at the very end of the world. I walked to the door, it was closed and no access except for staff. I went back to him and I told him, could you please help me get to this room where the library’s police operations. He made a phone call. I was told to go to another building and take the tunnel to the Jefferson building. Now it is like taking a long hike. I told myself not bad for exercise. I have to admit that security personal were super nice to me and that released my stress, starting from the officer at the gate to the building police officers. They gave me printed maps and the officer took the time to draw with a pen how to find my way to the intended room. I am the worst person when it comes to maps and directions. I really have to make an effort to memorize a map. I told the officer if I do not appear within 30 minutes, you will know that I am lost. You will have to come and pick me up. He told me jokingly I will send my dogs. I found my way and I got my cell. I promised my cell that I never treat it with negligence and that I will behave from now on. On my way out, I met the same officer who was on the gate and he kindly showed me the way to where I began my trip. I would have spent the rest of the evening trying to get out. They would have probably located me with buildings’ cameras. I was lucky not to have to spend my night looking for an exit under the ground.

I was on my to the metro and my cell was in the safest spot in my purse. That was the longest day. When thoughts are rushing in my head in all directions this is when I feel the time is not passing.

I was home by 6 PM. Unbelievable! I had totally different plans for Friday.

The day ended with a movie called “Wind”. It is about sailing. One of my friends told me that she will be watching this movie and that she has dinner for the two of us. I told myself, it is not a bad idea after such a day. I like the ocean and being close to the water gives me an unlimited feeling of relaxation, but to be in a boat in a rough sea trying to fight waves, I am not so sure that was my cup my of tea. I have been fighting the waves all day trying to find my cell. But I was still happy that I did not have to say goodbye to my phone…


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you found your mobile after a seemingly hectic experience. Don't worry, things like that happen ocassionally to all of us. The good thing is that when things end well, we experience a good shot of relief and that life is not all jinx after all and we tend to laugh it over as one of life experiences.
Keep up the good blogging, my dear friend,
Egyptian in Germany

At 7:58 PM, Blogger moi said...

Glad you found it! I hate the fact that I'm so reliant on my cell phone. I almost lost it a few times, like forgetting it at Borders, which almost gave me a heart attack. Once I accidentally put a water bottle in my bag which spilled and damaged my cell phone. I just started crying and felt so helpless because I didn't have any numbers memorized and had to go use a pay phone. It sounds stupid, and I laughed at myself afterwards, but my cell has lots of important stuff that I can't afford to loose. And the Metro of course is the ideal place to forget things. I forgot my gloves on the Blue line a few weeks ago, and I remembered just as I was walking up the escalator. I reported it, but nobody found it yet...anyone see a pair of black leather gloves? :o)

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

I am so happy that I found it. I was in such a state yesterday everytime I imagined that I have lost it, especially when I was thinking I lost it in the metro. I also realized how dependent I became on my cell... we sometimes underestimate our dependency on things in our lives.

As you mentioned the gloves "moi", I will tell you something stupid. I hate to see lonely gloves in the streets or metro. I do not mind seeing a pair of gloves lost, but I hate to see one by itself.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger moi said...

FFE, I know exactly what you mean about seeing on glove! Before I lost this pair, I lost one glove from an even nice and much more expensive pair. It was sooo annoying, having just one glove, what am I going to do with it? At least when I lost both, I just forgot about it. But when I had one left, I just kept wondering where it went when I saw that lonely glove in my room.
Here's to hoping I can keep my current gloves until the end of winter, and that we can hold on to our cell phones :)


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