Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It is May 25th Man, Egypt's Freedom Day

International Support for Egyptian Judges on May 25

"I must step down while there are one or two people who admire me." Nelson Mandela, Daily Nation, Kenyan paper, 16 June 1999. And Excuse me this is Mandela not Hosni Mubarak.

South Africa’s leader with a sense of inner dignity created his people’s dignity. But in some instances when leaders do not have dignity, their peoples create it for them.

Great nations are made by good citizens in most cases and the love of those good citizens to their countries drives their peoples to follow them. It is some defining moments made by sincere citizens that make great nations and put them on the march to freedom.

Egyptians have the chance to follow some sincere bunch of sincere good Egyptian citizens. Pro-democracy and reform Egyptian judges are bringing the leadership that Egypt missed along the past decades under tyranny.

Egyptians in Egypt and all over the world together with freedom and democracy activists are going in a world wide march for Egypt's democracy and freedom.

Last year, on May 25, the will of the Egyptian people was forged in a blatant move by the Egyptian President who ordered the amendment of article 76 of our constitution to deceive us and the entire world making them believe that Egypt will witness its first multi-candidacy presidential elections when he was only setting the scene for himself to run for the current term. If he had the will to change, he would have changed the article 77 that limit running for the President’s office.

Same day last year, thugs and officers of the ministry of the interior raped women in the streets and have beaten peaceful demonstrators to set an example for those who dared to express themselves. Humiliation is always the language of the regime.

The farces of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections went on as planned by the regime and here is Egypt with the same political regime and agenda. The turn out of the legislative elections was less than 26% according to the Egyptian official sources. That tells a lot about the credibility of the processes. Now the regime is detaining liberals, leftists and seculars in a brutual way and claiming that it is arresting the Islamists. Liar government...They are crushing secular movements to keep the Islamists as the only alternative for the current regime.
  • Misr Digital by Wael Abbas is publishing live today's events and Masr El Youm Radio is broadcasting live today's protests from the different spots with internviews. (Arabic)
  • International support is being rallied to show and express support for Egypt’s democracy and freedom tomorrow through pro-reform and democracy Egyptian Judges Club (Syndicate).
  • Egyptian Judges are calling upon all Egyptians to come and confirm their commitment to Egypt’s freedom in front of Cairo’s Supreme Court, down town. More details here.
  • International support is rallying everywhere in the world. This is really a cute map for all demos around the world. It does not include South Korea’s protest though. Cairo’s protest is extended to Beirut, London, Paris, Athens, The Hague, Seoul, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto and Montreal and the list keeps growing.
  • On the eve of May 25, a protest is planned at Tahrir square, Cairo’s largest and main square in preparation for the big day.
  • Cairo lights will be turned off from 9-10 PM in solidarity with Egypt’s judges.
  • At the American University in Cairo, a protest is planned at the Greek Campus. The University is located at Tahrir Square.
  • Egypt’s popular movement Kefaya (Kifaya)‘s coordinator George Ishak is sending a message to all activists abroad who are showing their support to Egypt before May 25.
  • Protest of university professors in front of main hall of Cairo University calling for the release of detained faculty and students at 11:30 AM.
  • Another main protest in front of the Judges Club is planned at 1:30 PM.
  • The International Campaign in Solidarity with the Egyptian Judges has the timeline for all world demonstrations.

Riot police, thugs and half of Egypt's army are expected to be deployed in Cairo's streets as of tonight to stop the people who are preparing themselves to attend the protests. Thousands of solidiers are expected to be distributed all over the city to attack, if not kill the people, who took the liberity to show solidarity with the pro-democracy and reform judges. Needless to say that mass detentions are expected to anyone who dares to express his will in front of the oppression of the Egyptian police forces as means of terrorizing the Egyptian citizens.


At 3:12 AM, Blogger Tomanbay said...

thanx for the link...just if u didn't know, u can dd the map to your page(read instructions under map)...the whole idea is for all the ppl to own the thing...
another thing: seoul, and SF are included just scroll the map

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good luck. Pity, no demonstration shown in the map in Germany. I have spoken to some friends in the Hague to take part,

Egyptian in Germany


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