Saturday, July 02, 2005


The world is continuing to give us hope in our struggle against brutality and the continuous violation of human rights in Egypt. The story is not directly related to Egypt but it is related to the human struggle against torture.

In Egypt's referendum day on reform on May 25 this year, police officers were ordered to sexually harass women demonstrators, to the extent of tearing apart their underwear. I have heard of police hitting, opening water pumps on demonstrators but to harass women and to try to rape them that was appalling and shocking. I was filled with disgust. But this is not the answer, to be only filled with disgust. Now, here is an eye-opener to get our rights, international courts are opening doors to criminals.

I was so impressed by those courageous journalists who went to Egyptian police stations to report incidents, knowing that Egypt is relatively conservative society when it comes to women. The answer of those courageous women was that "our honor is worthless when it comes to the honor of our country" (I m not so sure that everyone here will understand the cultural nature of such statements).

Let's remember here that Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon who ordered the arrest of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. Let's not lose hope. Let's pay him tribute(the Spanish Judge not Pinochet).

The day is coming when those officials, officers, ministers and that president and his family will be traveling to the lavishing pretty cities of France and get arrested there. We are now counting on the French after this precedent. Let's hope that the President who gets treatment in Germany every year, be arrested in Frankfurt airport. Let's hope that every criminal responsible for torturing and killing Egyptians in prisons be arrested everywhere in the world.
Let's hope that the day will come when the regime of Mubarak will be asked where are the years of the young Egyptians that have been wasted because he wasted all their chances for a decent life to fully utilize their potentials for the future of Egypt.

Keep writing the lists of tortured and the torturer and keep counting the names, because the day will come.

Here is the story of the French court.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although the world is a long way from a world judicial order, the steps under taken by people like judge Garzon ( ) and, most recently, the judges in the Mauretanian torture case allow us to have some hope that one day crimes that are considered to be universal can be punished everywhere no matter how insignificant the perpetrator.

I am not talking about the International Criminal Court(ICC) here. The ICC focusses only on the wrongdoing of the most responsables. I mean the accountability of everyone infront of every court for every so-called universal crime.

I do hope that you are right in telling the signs.

At 9:07 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Well, all we need are some people like judge Garzon that are looking into the world and not wanting to cocoon their countries as an isolated member of the global world.


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