Friday, September 30, 2005

Is there a way to inhale clean air?

Egypt wants to replace the 24 years old emergency rule with anti-terrorism law that Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif wants to pass in the People’s Assembly as reported by Steven R. Weisman in the New York Times.

“US secretary of state aide, Dina Powell, said Mr. Nazif had told them that President Hosni Mubarak could not lift the restrictions on the rights of assembly and protest without replacing them with an anti-terrorism law he would seek to get passed.”

Time to control terrorist Egyptians calling for freedom and democracy.

AP reported that “The Egyptian foreign minister on Thursday said that Cairo and the Palestinians would accept a European presence to secure the border crossings, sea port and airport in the Gaza Strip.”

Finally Egypt admits that it cannot secure its 12 km border with Gaza (Philadelphia corridor) and that Israel is more efficient in securing its borders. Help help I cannot take it anymore, yet the Egyptian regime keeps repeating we will not turn Gaza into big prison, but it is acceptable to turn it into a big chaotic place for weapon dealers.

News agencies are reporting that the son of the president of Egypt has “further stamped his authority on Egypt at the ruling party's conference, declaring his camp's victory over the old guard.” It is yet another confirmation that the will of the Egyptian people is a minor issue. The big issue is who is to win the old or the new guard?

Two days ago I was reading a magazine called “Georgia Finance” and the cover story was by President Saakashvili. After reading what he wrote, I feel like vomiting when I recall here such disgusting statements by the so-called ruling National Democratic party (NDP) in Egypt. It is like someone who smells so bad, everyone knows except the smelly person. I feel I need to quote this great president of Georgia from his article. He said “We are building a new Georgia in which Georgian People are able to fulfill themselves by putting their intelligence and their entrepreneurial skills to profitable use, a new Georgia whose prosperity and vibrant democracy will serve as a model and an inspiration to others of how possible to joyfully bury the Soviet past…But we understand well that the Rose Revolution will be incomplete if the protection and development of democratic citizenship is not matched by an equal amount of progress in the development and protection of economic citizenship.” Democracy is the ruling of the people with leaders that believe in their people to be able to empower them not cripple their freedom by emergency laws.

I honestly sometimes need to read people like President Saakashvili of Georgia or President Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic to go on a journey of dreaming and be able to breathe some clean air away from the contaminated smelly corrupt air of the new and old guards.


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