Sunday, October 30, 2005

Egyptian Justice Minister and Electoral Commission Sued Over Monitoring

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), the National Committee for Monitoring Elections (NCME) and Negad Borai - head of the Cairo-based Group for Democratic Development (GDD) filed the case on behalf of dozens of groups demanding to monitor the polls, which kick off on November 9.

Egyptians are struggling for their freedom and the regime does not want to give up years of enslaving Egyptians. It is all about control, permissions, security but nothing about citizenship rights, freedom or democracy or empowering citizens to be part of Egypt’s decision making process.

Justice Minister Mahmud Abuleil issued an order on Monday allowing local NGOs to monitor the month-long legislative polls, but insisted they get permission from the state-sponsored National Human Rights Council (NHRC).

The Egyptian press also reported that prospective monitors must meet an array of conditions, including that they be impartial, non-partisan and that they should not be involved in any way in the elections.

The suit specifically demanded that the electoral commission rescind its decision to have prospective monitors go through the NHRC.

The commission talked about allowing "visits" to polling stations and deliberately refrained from using the word "monitor" to define the work of the NGOs during the elections.

Groups were allowed to monitor the September 7 presidential vote though many organisations reported that their representatives were often denied access to polling stations and even beaten up.

The bad news that I have to break to the regime, that their language about permissions, control and security is no longer acceptable in a world where the peoples all over the world have their say to determine the course of their lives and the kind of life they want to lead. It is the PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE. Slavery era has come to an end long time ago. Full story. Photo by AFP .


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