Sunday, October 16, 2005

What will be the situation if the Syrian Interior Minister was in Egypt?

Well still the murder of the Syrian minister of the Interior, Ghazi Kenaan , is a mystery. The Syrian regime investigations confirmed that he has committed suicide. But that left a big question why would such a man with his status commit suicide. It is so strange. If we compared the Iraqi officials of the Saddam dictatorship era, none of them committed suicide even when they knew that the US troops are knocking their doors while they are still in front of the press cameras claiming victory over the US troops.

If this guy was killed in Egypt, the Egyptian regime will announce that he died with a heart attack, pressuring or bribing his family to keep their mouths shut with a very elegant obituary in Al-ahram newspaper thanking the President, the PM, all the ministers and the People’s Assembly’s Speaker on offering condolences. And the man will be buried with his secret. At least the Syrian regime acknowledged that he committed suicide, even if he was killed. Because I do not see why this minister has to wait to go to his office to commit suicide? Photo by Reuters.
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