Wednesday, November 30, 2005

NDP's Old and New Guards fighting over Egypt's Elections

Al-ahaly newpaper, which is Al-Tagamoua party paper, reported (in Arabic) that the son of the President, Gamal Mubarak is planning to form new party called “Al-Mustakbal” or the Future in English after the defeat of all his followers in the Parliamentarian elections.

The results of the elections in the first and second phases if anyone noticed that besides that the fact that it was rigged and violent, that the old guard succeeded in giving the sack to most popular figures of the new guard led by the son of the president.

The contention emerged to the surface with the change of the leaderships of the government main press editors-in-chief in Cairo.

The fight is ongoing between the old guard, led by the Speaker of the Shura Council and former minister of information, Safwat Al-Sharif, and the new guard. Apparently, Al-Sharif alliance won the battle. The new guard led by Gamal Mubarak is seeking to form a new party to overcome their defeat.

The old and new guards share the leadership of the regime's party that's the National Demcractic Party (NDP). The son of the President is chairing the Policies' Committee. Rumors have been running in Egypt that the President, in which he denied in several times, is grooming his son to take over.

Egypt remains a private property for the ruling groups who came to power as a result of the blessed military coup d’ Etats in 1952 or who managed to get closer to the family of the current president.

The issue of development, democracy and stability is not a priority among those who fight for power and authority in Egypt.


At 10:13 PM, Blogger myfingerisonthebutton said...

secularism must be defended, i'm scared of the events in Egypt. Joining forces with the devil, may be the only way to save Egypt.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Defeatism has no place as well as the devil. Democracy and freedom are the only solutions for everyone to get his rights. Islamists are not there because they won, it is because the devil paved the way for them. They do not represent the Egyptians. The devil and the Islamists are two faces for the same coin.

At 7:14 AM, Blogger Mohamed said...

and what is an islamist?, is it anyone one who is a Muslim? and the last election results despite the election difficulities is not a choice by the Egyptian people?

of course i know the answer, it comes through your random words generator who makes sentences where Democracy, freedom are in oneside and islam in the other side with no context at all.

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom for Egyptians, do you really belief that changing the guards, old or new will make Egypt a free democratic country?

Democracy is not only a words generated by dreamers. It is a system built on doing your duties and getting your rights. Until this is well understood and practice by all Egyptians, the misery will continue.


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