Friday, December 30, 2005

27 killed, 30 injured after police stormed a UN Refugee Camp in Cairo, Egypt

Photo: A Sudanese man is beaten on the floor by Egyptian riot police during a forceful evacuation of thousands of Sudanese refugees on their third month protest outside UN offices in Cairo. Ten Sudanese refugees were killed when several thousand Egyptian riot police forcibly broke up the protest.(AFP/Cris Bouroncle)

To Add Insult to Injury....

Egyptian police turned water cannons on Sudanese war refugees and beat them with sticks today, brutally clearing out a squatters camp in a city park. At least 10 people were killed.

In Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, expressed his shock and sadness over the violence and deaths.
BBC reports UN 'shocked' by violence in Cairo. Up to 3,000 refugees had been living at the camp since it was set up on 29 September, many of them sleeping in the open. Sudan said on Friday the refugees should come home, after a peace deal ended its 21-year war with rebels in the south.
Photo:A Sudanese man is beaten by Egyptian riot police during a forceful evacuation of thousands of Sudanese refugees. (AFP/Cris Bouroncle)

I have no problem evacuating the area since it was at the very heart of Greater Cairo. It was odd to see them at such place where traffic is busy and all those high towers are surrounding them ...etc, but why kill and injure the people? This is unjustifyable!

A regime that kills its own citizens without giving reasons, a regime that fails to guarantee and protect the citzens' civil and constitutional rights... why would I be surprised that the ministry of the interior officers are killing Sudanese refugees....Let the world watch why Egypt is slipping into the list of failing/failed states.

"Failed states create environments that spur wider regional conflicts with significant economic and security costs to neighboring states. They pose serious challenges to world interests in terms of refugee flows, trafficking in illicit goods, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance, and in terms of lost trade and investment opportunities. "

Egypt's history reversed 300 years since 1952!

I have wrote this in a different blog, however I see it related. It is a complete transformation to the principles and ethics that our history before 1952 taught us. I cannot believe that this is happening in Egypt that once hosted Damascus Jews after the 1844 massacre, Lebanon’s Christians after the 1860 massacres, thousands of Armenian orphans in 1915, the Greek royal family during world war II, Albanian Royal family after the 1950 coup d’etates, Al-Habib Bourqiba, Russian and Chinese princesses as well as Algerian and most African strugglers. Egypt was also sought by Prince Talal Bin Abdel Aziz and the Iranian and Libyan Royal families as a safe haven, where they all lived in safety. Let’s not forget Egyptian Jews who had to flee Egypt in a savage way under the brutal ruling of late President Gamal Abdel Nasser who gave orders to get them out of Egypt with their bedtime clothes confiscating all their properties.

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Tomorrow Protest- Candle Vigil, see details on Manalaa Blog. The protest is against the suppressive the Egyptian ministry of the interior and the candle vigil is for those innocent Sudanese people whom we lost today at the hands of brutality.


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