Friday, December 09, 2005

Hail Egypt's Ministry of the Interior

Good Deeds Are Never Forgotten
The ministry’s thugs rape and tear the clothes of demonstrators in opposition protests in Cairo last summer. Opposition demonstrators were regularly intimidated and harassed before the presidential elections. Our rule, if you can't beat them, kill them or kill them.

Beni Suef’s inferno ,where dozens of Egyptians were burned and injured, and no one was held accountable or brought to justice. Our rule, we are over populated hence 45 talented persons are dispensable. We do not speak human lives value language here.

Killing and attacking voters in the latest parliamentary elections. Our rule is consistency, if you can't beat them, kill them or kill them.

Innocent Egyptians have been rounded up from Sinai Peninsula following Taba and Sharm El Sheikh terrorist attacks without police interrogation or official arrest orders. Our rule, citzenship rights are not our language. Intimidation and torture are the best means to talk with innocent citzens because their only crime was being close to the crime scene. Photo by AP.

Good Job, waiting for more! We pay taxes to be beaten by you! We pay you to violate our civil rights granted by our constitution!


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