Tuesday, December 27, 2005

US Enemies Writing in the American Press

US renowned reputable the Washington Post hosted an article by one of the Egyptian regime’s stooges and informers on Saturday, sending a repulsive message to the US through the paper. I thought of sending a message to the paper but my message might not be read, but thanks to technorati technology. The message that the article is sending is that reform towards democracy and freedom in Egypt is not achievable and futile without the consent of the secret state security in Egypt which the writer claims is in charge of the election results, media, including the US government-funded Al-Hurra TV channel office in Cairo, and the National Democratic Party’s appointments…in short of the hijacked country.

So the message that this article is trying to send to the Bush Administration, stop trying introducing reform, democracy and freedom because it will be cosmetic because it is the Secret State Security in Egypt that decides not the US! And if President Bush wants to do anything it can only happen with their consent. But the article did not mention who is running this secret state security so that the US could talk to...or whether they get their share from one billion dollar plus aid that the US pays to Egypt annually!

The Writer who claims to be a democracy supporter is a member of the regime's National Democratic Party NDP that rigged the presidential and the parliamentary elections. The thugs of the NDP rapped women, attacked opposition groups in demonstrations and recently helped the ministry of the interior kill 12 Egyptian citizens in the last parliamentary elections. Where is her democracy writings? She likes to play the anti-freedom messenger on the US papers.

All I want to say that I felt disgusted after reading the article and I felt deeply disturbed that the Washington Post is promoting such figures on its website. I wonder whether the Post understands that it was manipulated or not or that it was making fun of its own Administration.

It revolts me to see that the Washington Post promoting and giving space to the supporters of tyranny and dictatorship that the Bush Administration is trying to curb their evil. The paper is not helping to build confidence with the Egyptians or Middle Eastern readers but rather causing confusion. I beg the American press to stop hosting tyrannical regimes' figures and aides!

If the Washington Post does not mind the mass graves found in the Middle East, the lack of freedom and democracy, the continuous violations of human rights, people living under poverty line because of oppression and tyranny, unprivileged peoples, I do not think it supports those who kill the US troops, those who attacked the US in 9/11, kidnappers who slay innocent people from different nationalities, those who terrorize our lives and threaten to blow us anywhere whenever they get a chance.

Requested explanation to the last paragraph of my blog:
With the last paragraph I meant that the tyrannical regimes are acting with different arms. These are not necessarily the terrorist cells that they support either directly or indirectly but also some figures that might look modern and appealing to the western world, like the writer of this article. This writer is one of the aides of the regime apparatus. From my point of view, she does not help promote freedom and democracy, she helps the current tyrannical regime to stay in power hence the prosperity of terrorist cells that are the outcome of such kind of regimes. In short, tyranny is a monster with multiple arms, one of them is this sleazy writer who is a phony pretender. All her writings are serving the regime and its party and not telling anything about the freedom of the Egyptian people. She appears with a sweet face to the westerns and we know her disgusting face in Egypt. I do not want any help to be given to tyranny in any shape.

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At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Dan V said...

I think you're misinformed about "reputable ... Washington Post". The quisling WP has already been exposed as a bastion of the "Old Media" which thinks it is the 4th branch of the US Gov't. Sadly, what you're noticing isn't anything new, but I'm glad to see that people are still noticing the WP's agenda.

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous foreign devil said...

The 'reputable' WaPo has sadly joined the NYTimes as one of the most left-leaning, Bush-bashing, anti-success in Iraq, pro-every left-wing nutbar including Momma Moonbat herself, Cindy Sheehan, liberal publications in the country. The once proud champion of truth for its Watergate investigative reports, has in the new millenium become a tool of those for whom nothing is possible and even to try will bring doom and destruction on our heads and woe unto the seventh sons of the seventh generation for even daring to think otherwise. Even Bob Woodward, he of the 'Woodstein Twins' fame has become merely a political hack for the Democratic party. Oh, he's smoother and more urbane about it than most but it's the same old lefty, dream anything is possible but fail to have any follow-through in reality propaganda we've come to know and despise. Such a disappointment. The WaPo could have become the champion of truth in this new era of fighting fascist Islam, yet it's the bloggers who took over the role of Woodward and Bernstein in the Watergate days. BTW, welcome to the blogosphere and be sure to visit littlegreenfootballs.com where your entry on the scene was heralded today by a poster. The American Press is one of the 'enemies'; the Fourth Estate has become a 'fifth column'. Sad!

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

You apparently are more aware of your American press role. All I wanted to say that there will be zero tolerance with those who harbor tyrnnay supporters.

At 1:25 AM, Blogger مصرى أوى said...

Hala Moustafa is a member of the Policies committee of the NDP (Gamal's committee) or the so-called "new reformers" against the so-called old guard Thus the quote from her article below:

"Even the NDP Policies Committee -- established three years ago as the party's vehicle for reform -- could not escape the clutches of the security services, which promoted a group of phony reformers to positions of influence and visibility in a false response to America's call for political change."

You can tell by starting with Even in the paragraph above that as if the Policies committee is doing a dramatic effort to reform the old party but Mubarak's state security is not letting his son policies committee to do the job right!!!

Happy New Year...

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Masry Awy,

Happy New year to you

We are the slaves of the old and new guards that they are fighting over us and the country?? Who do this old or new guards represent??? who appointed either of them??????


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