Saturday, January 21, 2006

Freedom for Jill Carroll

Freedom for Jill Carroll.... This woman whom her only fault is that she wanted to do work in the Middle East. One shouldn't be punished so brutally for what he/she wants to do. She took this brave step to work in the most dangerous areas of the world like Iraq when she could have been working in an air-conditioned office with little to care about.

I am afraid to follow up her news. I do not want to hear that brutality and barbarism won. I want her safe back to her parents, family and home.

I had a psychological trauma after the death of Margaret Hassan in 2004 and took me a while to be back to my normal state. I sound like a coward and I know. That's why I have this great appreciation to personalities like Jill Carroll, and I truly pray that she will be back to her family soon.

Freedom for Jill Carroll. Update by the hour from the Christian Science Monitor. Jill is the Monitor's reporter in Iraq.


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