Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Egypt's Modern Art Goes Online, But...

A beautiful online gallery for Egyptian modern and contemporay artists is built to serve as a window for Egypt's modern art that is usually overlooked due to the populatrity and fame of ancient Egypt.

The site also serves as a gateway for art collectors who are interested in owning some art pieces from modern Egypt. And that includes paintings, mosaic, sculpture, graphic art...etc. You can find description of each piece as you click on any piece you like.

Among very popular talented artists featured on this site are Raghed Ayad, George Al Bahgoury, Ezmeralda, Seif Wanly, Antione Hagger, Mohamed Sabry ...etc

Though the site is so impressive and secured, however little information is given about this business or who is running it. Is it the government that owns these collections or individuals who want to give up their own properties or the artists themselves.

If I am an individual who owns a precious piece of art why would I think of selling it except if it is an investment.

Is the market of art collectors in Egypt is so weak that they (whoever they are) are trying to sell Egypt's modern art pieces through the internet via U.S. bank accounts.

The fact that there is not enough information on the type of this emerging business poses serious questions on its nature first of all, then on the transparency, monopoly, ownership, so many legal issues as well. I believe that the site needs to clarify so many policies, legal agreements that any site usually posts for cross legal cases especially when the site involves selling pieces with thousands of dollars.

I will also be concerned if there is any national law or policy to protect modern Egyptian art.


At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Vincent Volaju said...

Freedom for Egypt, exposing the works of fine artists online on the web is a worldwide marketing trend. It is a fine way for artists to be appreciated not just by collectors who can walk into galleries in their towns, but the whole world of art lovers can appreciate and purchase beautiful works of art.

So the artists all over the world benefit by having access to a much larger customer base, and artlovers benefit. Online galleries sell the artists work for a percentage of the sales price, just like a gallery in a city would do. The percentages of the sales commissions probably vary and are negotiable.

Need I again say I love your urbane, evolved blog? You post many intriguing thoughtful topics.

At 1:39 AM, Blogger Gateway Pundit said...

FFE- There are some wonderful pieces in the exhibit. I wish they gave an idea on price.


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