Wednesday, March 08, 2006

President Mubarak is Looking for a Successor

The main political adviser to President Hosni Mubarak said on Tuesday that Mubarak would welcome retirement if he could find a replacement.

Adviser Osama el-Baz told Reuters in an interview but the Mubarak family are not thinking of putting forward the president's 42-year-old son Gamal as a successor. Mubarak is 78 in May and has ruled Egypt since 1981.

Baz said "He will remain, so long as he's able, capable and so on. But if he finds that there is another group of people, another person, who are willing to carry the torch, I have the feeling that he would welcome it."

He added "It's not clear yet who can take over. Nobody can say, and definitely the president and his family are not thinking about succession. They don't think of Gamal taking over and he does not give himself more rights than other Egyptians."


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous AHMED said...

Where should i send my CV

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

The story does not have the email or the recruitment office!

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Egypeter said...

lol...I don't doubt ahmed can do a better job ruling Egypt than Hosni can!

But I'll tell ya what, I would take Gamal Muburak over the Muslim Brotherhood any day of the week and twice on sunday!!

At 1:47 AM, Anonymous Hany said...

Anyone can simply apply by posting his (her) c.v. at presidential palace but they first will send u to the mental hospital in Abbasya, just a routine checkup and u may enjoy staying there for the rest of ur life!!

I really felt pity for Mr. Mubarak, this man is bearing us for more than 25 years and he can't sleep the nights thinking in a solution for our endless problems!! and this is how we reward his gratitude towards the Egyptians. Long live the president!!

At 3:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great blog. I can't believe it. The man is sitting more than 20 years in office and he can't find a qualified person to nominate for a free election. Wow, tht's democratic institutions working !!

Egyptian in Germany

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Successors can come into being only through fair democracic elections, by building credibility within the people that any presidential candidate will go through fair electoral campaigning. This is the only way to encourage Egyptians go to the polling stations to vote. Only 26% showed up at the parliamentary elections (with fraud).

I am sure that all Egyptians are looking for a change that can make a better future for all of us and for Egypt, but no one has the confidence that it can happen under the current circumstances.

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Hope said...

" Mubarak would welcome retirement if he could find a replacement."
Can't these officials realize how stupid their statements sound, do they think anyone can buy this?????? The sad thing is that they do.

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

I agree with Hany. Egyptians do not want to end in mental hospitals or prisons for thinking about the President's office.

I feel very retarted and backward when I meet American families who have children and almost every family believes that their children could be at the office of the President of the United States of America. Isn't it that beautiful?

I know this not so realistic but at least they have the right to dream and as citizens they have the right to work in the direction of this dream.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Alif said...

AHMED said...
Where should i send my CV

The nearest State Security Office. Not for consideration for the job, but for finding out how did you entertain the thought in the first place.


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