Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sudanese Islamic leader Revolutionize Islam

Sudanese Islamic Leader Dr. Hassan Al Turabi gave new statements and released some new fatwas (religious opinions/edicts) that blew up many of what is believed to be basics or unquestionable issues in Islam, many related to the usurped righted of women.

In Islam, Muslim women are not allowed but to marry a Muslim man or a man who has converted to Islam. On the other hand, Muslim men are allowed to marry any woman from any faith with no restrictions.

Dr. Al Turabi, a party leader, said that a Muslim woman is allowed to marry a Christian or a Jew and not necessarily a Muslim. He asserted that forbidding her from marrying a man from another faith is aimed at dragging women backward. He added that Islamic Shariaa (Islamic jurisdiction) does not provide any restrictions for women to marry any man from another faith. He said that it was forbidden during war when Muslims were fighting with other armies. He said that when the reason is gone, the restriction is lifted.

Dr. Al Turabi, 74, in a seminar at the headquarters of the opposition Al Umma party said that women have the right to lead prayers. Current Muslim clerics forbid women from leading the prayers. Al Turabi said, if she has more knowledge, she has the right to lead the prayers. The criterion is the knowledge and not the gender.

He said that Prophet Muhammed permitted one of his followers who was a knowledgeable Muslim woman to lead the prayers at her home that included all men. He also cited the wife of the prophet, Aisha, as a model.

Al Turabi, PhD, said in this seminar entitled “The Role of Women in Establishing Good Governance” that women’s testimony at courts is equal to men. In Islam, one man’s testimony is equal to two women. Al Turabi denied this and said this is meant to go back to the dark ages and has nothing to do with Islam. He challenged anyone who could bring evidence that this is true.

He also refuted the idea of the Hijab, headscarves. He said that the Hijab is applied against the misinterpretation of some Quran verses and cannot be generalized on all the generations. He said that headscarves were made for the wives of prophet Muhammed not for all women.

Al Turabi called upon all women to invade politics, innovative, intellectual and sports domains and get all her rights and be an active participant in drawing strategies and stipulating legislations. He also attacked the Sudanese government and said the current regime does not enjoy any governance that is based on freedom, transparency and accountability and democratic participation.

Al Turabi said we living in Sudan in an age of corruption and there is a need for family and society reform and women’s inclusion. He emphasized the need for an election law that provides the participation of women so that they can play a role in political parties, elections and leadership positions.

Al Turabi also said that alcohol is not forbidden by Islam as agreed by most of Islamic clerics. He said that alcohol is only forbidden when drinking becomes an aggression. Practicing Muslims do not drink alchohol. Al Turabi's article in Arabic


At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God.

People, I am Sudanese and would like to unequivocally state that Turabi is a liar, an evil man and an insult to Islam and all Muslims.

For Human Rights Watch's profile on him go to:

The people who've lived when he was the leader in the shadows in Sudan, between 1989 and 2000, all know very well that Turabi is a power-hungry, conniving, ruthless snake.

For all his fluffy ideas, his stints in power have been bloody and brutal!

Between 1989 and 2000 he was the power behind the throne, he was the engineer of the coup d'etat of 1989 and became speaker of the (one party) parliament.
No decision in Sudan could be made without his approval.

His period in power 1989-2000 saw notorious 'ghost houses' where dissenters or those who so much as criticised the government were tortured brutally.
Many of the cases are well documented and well known, such as those of people who were put into barrels of ice and had to have their legs amputated as a result.
His period saw young men and women being rounded up and whipped and abused in prison for so much as attending parties that weren't weddings.

This was the man who encouraged young Sudanese men to go and fight the 'jihad' in the South, against the infidel army of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement.
He hosted post-mortem wedding parties for the slain 'martyr' soldiers, in their houses, against the wishes of their grieving family, in effect marrying the martyrs off to houris or beautiful women in Paradise.
If this isn't twisted, I don't know what is.
Consequently, his own sons never served during the war.

After the government fell out with him and got serious about peace, Turabi had the audacity to slap the mothers and widows of the victims in the face by saying on television that they weren't martyrs!

Turabi invited and hosted all of the region's terrorist groups, including a notorious Osama Binladen, to Sudan...

Finally Turabi is implicated in the assassination attempt against President Mubarak.
No matter what differences any person has with a leader, assassination of a Head of State is a deranged and rotten and reckless thing to attempt.

Turabi is against the current Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan which has stopped the North-South civil war and absolved South Sudan from shariah law.
The Peace Agreement has brought in a new constitution which has encompassed international conventions and charters on Human Rights with fundamental freedoms and a bill of rights and more importantly commissions to oversee these things.
Today there is freedom of the press in Sudan, during Turabi's time this was never a case.

For evidence of Turabi's lies you can compare the constitution that he personally engineered in 1998, with the current one.

Turabi's 'constitution'

The current constitution

When the government in 2000 could not tolerate Turabi's lies anymore, they did something that most Sudanese wanted for a change, they took Turabi out of politics - now because of the new constitution he's back and it seems that he's more deranged than ever!

For more information on Turabi, I strongly suggest that the Arabic readers take a look at what Sudanese newspapers say about him.

Unfortunately, due to his eloquence and intellect he has become a type of figure head in the Middle East, people should dig beneath the surface - all that glitters is definitely not gold.

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Rasha said...

Umm...I don't think Turabi is a liar. He has consistently made these kinds of comments, and I think he genuinely holds "feminist" views; however, it is true that while in power he did terrible, terrible things. It is an unfortunate catch-22 for Muslim women, that someone with any sort of power has said these things and yet is a total bastard.

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Nas said...

lol i think he was drunk when he drew these conclusions :-D

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect Rasha, do some research on modern Sudanese political history and you'll find that Turabi is a liar.

He wrote dozens of books on his 'ideas' and he has had noticeable stints in power, and his contribution to the feminist cause in Sudan has been 'nil'.

Women got the vote in Sudan when Turabi was a nobody.
Women's participation in the parliament (which was never an issue) and other feminist causes were all the result of the efforts of many Sudanese women and some Sudanese men, *but not Turabi*!

It is incredibly weird that this man is able to evoke the sympathy of both fundamentalists and feminists!

What does that tell you about him?!

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all :
The issue here is NOT Turabi :
1-Does any one Know of a single verse in the Quran prohibiting the marriage of a moslim woman to a non-moslim man ??
2-Does any one know of a sigle verse in the Quran that orders the killing of a moslim if left Islam ??
Let us not mix Religion with tradition and custom .
Let us be Objective not Subjective .

At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The issue is precisely Turabi and people like him who *selectively* interpret Islam according to their political moods...

At 7:23 PM, Blogger programmer craig said...

Sam, not sure about the other, but the language for men and women marrying non-muslims is identical. So, whatever it means, it means the same thing for men and women *both*. It wouldn't be so objectionable to say muslims must marry muslims - some Christian sects and all (I think) Jewish sects claim that marriage is ermitted only within the faith.

No, the truly objectionable part is the the claim that the exact same language in teh Quran means one thing, applied to men, and the exact OPPOSITE when applied to women.

At 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's all very interesting FFE, but what are your thoughts about the statements of Turabi?

At 5:28 AM, Blogger Ivan Goulart said...

Congratulation for your BLOG. Someday, maybe, I will visit Egipt.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Mo'men said...

this is a complete nonsense , Turabi is re-writting relegin to fit his own Agenda. I doubt anyone in the muslim world took his comments seriously. and if he's being sincere, he should back up his claims with valid arguments or verses from quran or Sunna.

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mo'men ;
Can YOU find a sigle Verse in the Quran or a sigle Hadith that contradict what Turabi Said ???

At 3:49 AM, Blogger Mo'men said...

To Sam

Hadith # 1: "3aleikom besonaty wa sonat al 7'olafa2 al rashedeen al mahdeyeen men ba3dy 3odwan 3alyha belnawagez"

Translation: take by my Sunna and the Sunna of the "kholafa" who are basically "Abu bakr, Omar, Osman, Ali"

In the times of Omar ruling the Muslim kingdom, a Christian’s wife has converted to Islam and Omar came to the man and asked him to choose between converting or separating form his wife. He chooses not to convert and his wife was separated from him "by her own choice I may add". Sa7ee7 Moslem

I don't have fakeh el Sunna in my hands now, but as soon as I get the chance to read it, I'll come up to you with more evidence

Btw, there’s a verse in quran about the issue, but I choose not to quote it because it will start a massive debate regarding the core of the 3 main faiths.

Turabi is not eligible to interpret Islam. Fatwa’s are not valid from people like Turabi

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mo'men ,
We are in the 21st Centuary for God's sake !
Why are you ashamed to mention the Verse of the Quran that you wanted ????
there is nothing above debate !
We won't get offended no mater what you quote or say as long as you don't use the sward !
Go ahead ! Fire away !

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Mo'men said...

To Sam

What "sward" are you talking about? Who are you generalizing by saying “we won’t get offended”?

It’s so obvious that whatever I’m going to tell, no matter how much evidence I supply, you won't be convinced. I’m not afraid to quote god’s words but I choose to respect other people’s feelings about their faith and “Akeeda”, I know a good Christian friend who was offended when we discussed the “verse”. Did you include him too by “we won’t get offended”? Plus I think the hadith is enough to prove my point.

One more thing, as a Muslim I won’t dare try to interpret your religion for you. And I won’t be happy too if a Christian tried to interpret my religion for me. “Lakom denokom wa leya deen”. So if your mind is set that Islam = evil, so be it, your loss is not my gain!

At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mo'men ,
is it not your duty -as a Moslim- to introduce the "True Word of Allah" to all peoples ?
so, How could you say that a mere single verse in Allah's Book to be so offensive to all non-moslims so much so that you are ashamed to mention it ???
Man, be brave and write it down , No one gets hurt believe me !


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