Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith in Egypt

The American media outlets have been covering the death of the popular playboy model Anna Nicole Smith for weeks now. The diva gave birth to her new baby girl late last year and died all of a sudden in an hotel early this month at the age of 39. It was a shock to most of the people given her fame, popularity and young age. It was said that she could not take her teenager son’s death who died when she was in the hospital giving birth to her baby girl.

As most of you know how media in the U.S. is so focused on America, Smith became the story number one on most of TV cable news channels, especially after the row on where she should be buried. The judge few days ago ruled that she will be buried next to her son in Bahamas. Smith is an example to the American life in the sense that she is that ordinary girl who grew up in this tiny village in Texas who made it to the world of fame in Hollywood and everywhere in the U.S.

To be honest, I had no interest at all to follow hours and hours covering her death and the burial lawsuit in court. But one thing drew my attention through out all American media coverage to the story. This woman was into the playboy world of fame, however there was no one single story judging her based on morality, religion or ethics.

The upcoming row in court after resolving the burial issue is the daughter parentage. There are three men who are claiming to be the daughter’s father. This means that the three men slept with her during a very short period of time that the three of them are now fighting over the daughter. However, no one in the United States is judging Smith or trying to deviate into personal talk about her private life. Everyone is respecting the fact that the case is in court and no one is giving extra interpretation to the incident on how dare she to sleep with three men and cause all this confusion. Literally everyone is minding his own business.

I am imagining if Smith was in the Egyptian media, oh my God, the press would have literally slaughtered her and her family. The press would have kept coming up with stories since her 7th grandfather who was also running a prostitution network. The society would have ruined the future of her daughter forever and never giving her a chance to live normally. Everyone will have the right to talk about her private life, judging her based on moral and religious issues. Morality will be the judge. Religion will be the sword.

The family will disown her forever. Probably all her family members would have cut their relationship with her since she started modeling for playboy. The word "playboy" does not exist in the dictionary of Egyptian families to begin with. If she has sisters, they will never get married because their sister disgraced the family forever.

Males in the family would have died to sleep with her, but never letting their women mingle with her, fearing that she will corrupt them with her shameless acts.

If Smith’s daughter was in Egypt, let me tell you that she will have to spend her entire life to prove that she has a father in the first place. Whoever this father is, he will continue to deny her because she “ben haram”, a daughter who came out of a wedlock. Currently in the American courts, there are three men fighting over the daughter. He will have to be one of them anyway. If the daughter was in Egypt, she will be stigmatized forever by the fact that her mom slept with a man and conceived her outside wedlock. The daughter will be denied the social recognition forever and will be treated as an outcast.

If she were in Egypt, Anna Nicole Smith will never be treated as a playboy model. People like her in Egypt are defined as whores or part of a prostitution networks who have police records and are subject to arrest and humiliation at anytime.


At 2:48 AM, Blogger Zanaty said...

you look from the wrong angle we have all this restrictions you mention so that we will not one day face an Egyptian Nichol smith , as Egyptian we have common values that we believe in both Muslims and Copts one of this common values is the value of family if USA doesn't have this value they are free but no one should force us to change ours. By the way you have a very wrong image about the way the American media have deal with this story but I don't think that is the main concern for both me and you

At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

obviously you have never lived in the west and know nothing about its gutter press, her scandles have been all over the british press.

At 6:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear FFE,

I agree with you totally that if she was in Egypt, she would have treated very harshly annd her daughter stigmatized for life. However, the US media have not been doing a good job either: too much coverage with the judge being over-theatrical. There will never be a court hearing like that in Egypt :-))
Ann-Nicol is to some extent a product of the media frenzy and she would have been cast in a different light in Egypt. I cannot help but smile when thinking about some of our actresses who became recently vieled because of such society pressures.
Egyptian in Germany

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Anna Nicole Smith is a model, if her news is not hitting the tabloids and scandal columns and is not hot enough to make the headlines, then who should be there??

The point is that there a clear respect for lawsuits being within the hands of the judiciary system. The media is not corrupt to turn into sadistic machinery played by the government/regime to blackmail the society or play the role of a preacher of morality and ethics.

It is all about drawing these fine lines that gives everyone the freedom to maintain his/her values without being judgmental about people...

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Egypeter said...

I see what you're saying and I agree with you FFE. But you can't compare Egypt's judiciary system to that of America's...it's not fair.

Forget that stupid bimbo Anna Nicole (I'm SO sick of her), what about Kareem?

Could you imagine someone in the U.S. getting thrown in jail for expressing his opinions on his blog? If America tried and convicted everyone who insulted Christianity or Bush there would be a very few people left here in the country.

Hope you're well FFE :)

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous wanwisa said...

thank you for your interesting view point...Anna Nicole could have been treated same with a lesser degree thou if she happened to be a Thai.
morality is only socially constructed...no middle ground in one country.


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