Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Global Voices..

See Update below, Global Voices Responds

I do not know why Global Voices is insisting on referring to me as "He writes" here and here. I am a very proud "She" by the way:) I resent the treatment of being reduced to a "He" with all due respect to all the "He"s:) ..... Just a remark, because every time I read "He writes", I really laugh......


My blog post did not mean really pointing at mistakes, I was saying it jokingly, the most important thing is spreading the word. I am taking the opportunity to applaud the work of Global Voices. They are incredibly doing a great job trying to bring all those Middle Eastern bloggers together in one place when each one of them is having his/her agenda. Global voices is relentlessly promoting freedom of expression and speech, an effort that generally faces lots of obstacles when it comes to the ME. I am thanking Amira Al Hussaini, the MENA regional editor, for her prompt response to my post.... Here is part of her response...

"Dear Freedom,

My name is Amira Al Hussaini and I am the MENA regional editor for Global Voices Online (GVO). I am sorry I keep referring to you as he and have corrected the mistake. I came across your 'objection' as I was skimming through the blogs this morning trying to pick interesting posts for linking them to GVO. Finding links is a tedious chore, considering I have the whole of the Middle East and North Africa to scan for interesting blogs! Had I not seen your concern, I would have continued doing the same mistake again as I really like what you write and the valuable points you raise. Having said this, we are only human and if we are not told that what we are doing is wrong, we will never be able to see through our mistakes. Thanks again for understanding. ......."


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