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Egyptian Newspaper Pictures that Published Cartoons 5 months ago

No Danish Treatment for an Egyptian Newspaper

I promised you in my previous post to bring you the images of the Egyptian newspaper, Al Fager (as pronounced in Egyptian Arabic) that published the Danish Cartoons five month ago on Oct 17, 2005. Here is below the front page where the Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) cartoon from Jyllands-Posten was published.

A closer look. The text says in Arabic that a special reportage is inside. Mind you that this is the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. While Muslims are worshipping in this holy month, not a single protest was called in Cairo against Denmark or the newspaper.
Here is an image for page 17 where the whole report was published with 6 cartoons as published in Jyllands-Posten.

The two Egyptian editors, Ahmed Abel Maksound and Youssera Zaharan, from Al Fager newspaper. And from their names I could tell you that they are Muslims and there is no news on arresting them as the case in Jordan few days ago
Here is the front page with a closer look on the date , Monday October 17, 2005
Two days ago the editor in chief of Al Fager Adel Hammouda wrote an article expressing his surprise why this war is suddenly launched after 4 months. He indicates as I said in my previous post that it is politically motivated to hide more corrupt issues behind. And he is not apologizing for publishing the cartoons as the Danish newspaper did. Instead, he is proud his paper was first to publish. Denmark Cartoons absent Real Democracy Battle in Egypt

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At 4:36 PM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

saba2tak ya Gameel!

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Freedom For Egyptians said...

Sam, it is my story still and idea!

All rights preserved.

But good job on your part as well thanks:)

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Gateway Pundit said...

Wow! Fantastic job here at Freedom for Egyptians!

Of course it was the Danish Imam's who started this violence but they did get help from the Egyptian Ambassador in Denmark. This was printed today in the Wall Street Journal.

The story is really coming together.

This was a great piece!

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Freedom For Egyptians said...


Thanks. I think such issues need to be tackled with objectivity and deep analysis especially such crisis that proved itself to be apparently a made-up story for ulterior motives!

At 5:40 PM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

You did remind me of it. I will give you that. And by the way, I link to you before anything in the article ya Basha. Cause me appreciates you reminding me. Nicer work on the graphics than me too. You should've seen what I had to go through to scan those pages. The guy at the cyber cafe was a Beard and he asked me why would I be scaning those pages, since it would help destribute the pictures. I told him because its an outraghe that this gets published, during ramadan and no one in al fagr gets punished. He was so impressed with my strong faith, he didn;t charge me a dime.

Nice, ehh?

Getting the paper all the way from Egypt is actually impressive though. Me is super impressed by how fast you got yours. I got mine before yours only because I had it at home, next to my bed. Saba7 el sottal!

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FFE - You rock!

Great effort you did there and I really apreciate it.

Not that it can change anything, becasue people have already decided that they suffer from this gand conspiracy, but at least it gives me the chance to nag a little.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Doubting Thomas 65 said...

The interesting question to me, FFE, is why is that I only learn of this from a blog? And why wasn't there a mob in front of this newspaper in Egypt way back in October?

It's hard to believe the sheer stupidity these protests. An imaginary crime, blasphemy, sends millions into spasms, thousands turn out for mob violence, ambassadors are recalled and so forth...but for a real crime, mass murder, there was hardly a peep. Did any Muslims attend a mass protest for the deliberate, planned slaughter of tens of thousands of black Muslims by Arab Muslims? Did any Muslim government recall their ambassador to Sudan? Did any Muslim mob burn down a Sudanese embassy? Any boycotts, embargoes, anything at all?

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Freedom For Egyptians said...

Doubting Thomas,

We have a true catastrophe in Egypt in the true sense of the word. More than 1000 Egyptians died in the Red Sea in a ferry because of negligence, government that does not care about citizens and busy inciting hatred against other nations.... that's the miserable reality we are living in!!

I felt how cheap am I as an Egyptian citizen after the death of all those innocent Egyptians. I am so saddened by this incident.

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good find, my friend!!!

Looking forward to seeing reactions...

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Great that you folks are digging this stuff out. Thanks.

At 10:08 PM, Blogger programmer craig said...

I really like the job you did with the Ahmed & Youssera picture. Looks a LOT like a "wanted" poster :P

Not that I want them arrested, but you did a great job making the point.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Freedom For Egyptians said...

Programmer Craig,

I got a friendly advice to take off AlFagr editors image, so that they won't be intimidated by anyone. But their pictures were distributed with the reportage everywhere. There is no point of taking their pictures now.

At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done. Get the word out. Did you notice you were linked prominentely from the Wikipeadia article on the Mohammaad cartoons?

At 4:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We want to know more about this magazine. We can not read arabic, so any other source that corroborates the authenticity of the magazine would be great! Also, the circulation would be good.

Please tell us anything you know at:

At 4:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a time where the muslim world and everyone else should mourn the victimes of the Egyptian ferry-tragedy and should help the relatives of those victimes, we see only orchestrated outrage over long ago published en republished cartoons. A cartoon is ment to hold a mirror in front of those concerned in an exaggerated way.
But what now we see in the mirror is more violence.

At 6:37 AM, Blogger The Pedant-General said...


This is extraordinary stuff. Well done.

Have linked to you here with a bit more background on how the BBC in the UK is blurring this issue very badly.

It is ordinary Muslims in the UK that suffer the most from the failure to confront the extremists.


At 7:01 AM, Blogger Uchu Keling said...

My good friend was asked to resign few days ago and today I heard that the Group Editor was fired!

At 7:18 AM, Blogger The Pedant-General said...

Fritz at 12.44:

Small paper = small news.

Not in the slightest. This paper would have to be really, really, really tiny to have a smaller impact in Arabic in Egypt itself than a newspaper printed only in Danish and only in Denmark.

How many fluent Danish speakers are there in Egypt?


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but to my counting it is now less than 4 months since Oct 17. Please be as accurate as possible. Cruel accuracy is poison to lying zealots.
Anyway, good job! Keep it up!

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Antonio from Italy said...

Great article indeed!!!
May I link it in one of my future post on my blog?

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom for Egyptians, you ROCK!!!

Do the happy dance!


At 2:19 PM, Blogger tms said...

Thanks for your writtings that reveals a simple question: Why now?

At 3:06 PM, Blogger lizze said...

Excellent blog post! This is what blogs is all about. Sharing news/ information without any interference of our (controlling) leaders!

At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The drawings are not Muhammed, two of them is the drawers themselves, another is a danish politician, one is Ali Babba, one is a boy from a danish school in
Copenhagen, one is Gabriel, another is Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, one is Grigory Efimovich Rasputi, one Jesus with a donkey, one is Rowan Atkinson with a bear, one is Captain Haddock from Les Cigares du Pharaon, and one is some symbols. I think the Muslims themselves insult Muhammed by admitting that these drawings should be Muhammed.
No one has seen Muhammed, so any drawing of a man with a bear could be called Muhammed.

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks FFM, great job..

Your blog (and sandmonkeys) were also in the news on the national tv-station in Denmark

At 4:58 PM, Blogger The Pedant-General said...

Randomblog @ 2.15;

Why now? Very good question.

Four theories:
1) Danish Imams went on tour in late Dec/early Jan to stir up trouble. this is where some fake cartoons came in and how it came to be broadcast across the Middle East.
2) Saudi authorities in trouble over deaths at the Hajj and needed to divert attention to something else
3) Saudi wants to influence European countries towards giving more room for radical islam and was waiting for an excuse to pick on a small country where it has little in the way of interests to make a big fuss so that the others are scared.
4) it takes time to organise a properly co-ordinated set of riots all across the middle east and they needed to import (or make) quite a lot of danish flags before doing so.

None of these theories are of course mutually exclusive, but 1) and 2) carry most of it.

2) is fairly plausible given nature of KSA govt control over what is preached in Mosques so this can be traced to a particular set of Friday prayers in Late Jan.


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad that there are no politicians anywhere in the world with enough intestinal fortitude to tell the imams to "Take a hike. It's our freedom of speech and our press, if you don't like it, don't read it."

Good job here, too bad not enough people will read it. I have a feeling that you're "preaching to the choir."

Jim Smith
João Pessoa Brazil

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Jimmy said...

I wish just one single guy of you translates the headline and the very first paragraph of the article to show what is the paper saying about the cartoons.

And i hope one of you brings numbers about how many copies this newspaper sells a month in average. And what is this number in comparison to the numbers of Al Akhbar, Al Ahram and Al Gomuhria in Egypt.

If you know what i am talking about you will get what i mean.

The difference between the context in which Al Fagr published the catoons 4 MONTHS AGO (take care for the timing) and the context in which they are republished now is simply like watching a naked beautiful woman in a biology book and in a porn movie.

Hope you got the point

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Bottom Buzzer said...

Will I live tomorrow?
Well, I just can't say.
But I know for sure
I Don't Live Today.

Jimi Hendrix

At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fidel "Bernie" Castro states: 'My favourite movie is "Weekend at Bernie's"'...

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim Jong's Ill states: 'My triumph is ERNEVERTABrUL!'

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing Story - Real Dirty Tricks like the KGB era in Iran & Syria Style

At 1:12 AM, Blogger The Alter Ego said...

Don't tell me, that there's starting to be bad blood between you and the Sandmonkey? You both have great blogs and what matters is that together you got this exposed. Who came first by minutes or hours - doesn't really matter when all is said and done?

To both of you - GREAT job. I think your blogs can be used to teach children the power of freedom of speech and potential bloggers how it's really done. I'm in awe of your effort and energy.

I do hope, that people all over the world, including Egypt, get to choose their own government and live any way they want; what we in the west call "free".

At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so silly I didn´t look earlier at your story.I ´ve been so busy.
Thank you very much. You are encouring me and as well all other people being affected by the campaign. Good work.
God bless you.

At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is that the same reason why the Space Shuttle fell on Palestine?

I can't remember any cartoons were published that year.

In Holland we have a saying that goes like this:

" Léés maar - er staat niet wat er staat! ".

In German it is called:


In the lingua franca all over the world it is called:

You've got brains - why the hell don't you use them?

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great exposure

and now another truth

At 9:28 AM, Blogger bent abdelwahab said...

I am so proud of you. Great blog. Great work.Freedom for Egyptians will not be a dream if we have more people like you.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog! Keep on the good work.

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I from Denmark and I work togheter with muslims every day and they are never ever going to accept the way of Egypt or Saudi living. In the contrary they are angry at imam Abu Laban who says he represent about 180000 muslims in Denmark but the real number is betwen 5000 and 15000 took to Egypt and set the middleeast in flames of pictures of a Frenchmen i a contest i France as Muhammad and imams from Great Britain demands that Denmark opens the borders for immigrants and incorporate islamic lows i Denmark.

At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent blog post!
You are right 100%

all the cartoons are here:

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abu Laban is a shrewd troublemaker, the Islamic Centre i Malmö Sweden didn’t take any position on the ”cartoon war”, guess who arrived to stir things up? Abu Laban to saw split and calling for creating a new competing more radical organisation. When the London bombings were, the director of the Islamic Centre did condemn the bombings he got death threats from fundamentalists.

Another thing to notice is that when the president of the Islamic theocracy Iran did his December rally on holocaust and European hypocrisy the cartoon stuff was well on the road with diplomatic protests and some stirred up troubles in Pakistan and Bangladesh. How come he didn’t mention the cartoons? Would have fit very well in the hypocrisy context.

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Epaminondas said...

What a fantastic job exposing the truth!

Bravo to you

At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are wondring why muslims fire after months from publishing the pictures.Simply because EL-FAGR newspaper is not public one,it is not famous at alllllllllllll.ME and the surrounding environment know about those pictures from month or 3 weeks only.

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us the newspapers shots.

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must be missing something. Where does it say that these cartoons show the prophet Mohammed? Since there supposedly are no pictures of the prophet, how do all these muslims seem to recognize him in these drawings? In fact there are many pictures of the prophet in Islamic museums. there is even one in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, hardly an obscure site in the Muslim world.

At 1:18 AM, Blogger IMRAN™ said...

More on this at . Thanks.


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Mike's America said...

Good work! Thank you. Have linked over to you and will keep checking back for more on this important story.

At 5:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a shallow investigation, with several displaced photos that could be several different papers. In addition, without full translation this is meaningless.

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Uh YES, I would say it was a coincidence.

At 5:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The paper has a web site:

...but what is their print circulation?

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are twisting the truth my dear by not translating to your readers the first publication of the paper with the cartoons, and incorrectly translating the second article by Hamouda.

What you should do is present to your reader the context within which they were published. The fact is, the first publication had the title "Mocking the prophet and his wives using cartoons", and the subtitle of the second articles states that "America is using the issue in its trade war with Europe".

Also, adding some information about Hamouda, his views, and the amount of circulation of the Al-Fagr newspaper can put your reader into prespective. The fact that probably 10 people in the whole of Egypt reads the paper to begin with might give a good indication of why the printing was not noticed.

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

some body is trying to make a link between the cartoons and the egyptian both who sank.tha cartoons wjere printed in the egyptian paper on october and the sank in februari, no coincidence.
great job ,you did thanks for leting us know.i'will do my part of duty,i will show the link all around...

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



UPDATE: And now the leaders of this so called "peaceful religion" have called for the murder of the cartoonist. Could you imagine the Pope or Dali Lama doing such a thing? Not since the Nazis has the world been so in danger of loosing it's humanity. Something is wrong in the state of Islam.

We wake up this morning to see video on CNN showing rampaging Muslims around the world. In Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim ... Muslim Mobs spreading mayhem. It seems that these mighty mad Muslims are rioting and firing their ever-present AK-47s into the air because of cartoons. Yup ... this latest epidemic of Muslim outrage comes to us because some newspapers in Norway and Denmark published some cartoons depicting Mohammed. In fact ... here is one of my favorites!

Admit it, this turban/bomb thing IS ACCURATE.

Muslim outrage huh. OK ... let's do a little historical review. Just some lowlights:

Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City. No Muslim outrage.
Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed. No Muslim outrage.
Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school. No Muslim outrage.
Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq. No Muslim outrage.
Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt. No Muslim outrage.
A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six. No Muslim outrage.
Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot children in the back. No Muslim outrage.
Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics. No Muslim outrage.
Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel. No Muslim outrage.
Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage.

Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage.
Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons. No Muslim outrage
Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world. No Muslim outrage.
Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge. No Muslim outrage.
Newspapers in Denmark and Norway publish cartoons depicting Mohammed. Muslims are outraged.
Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims .. no Muslim outrage ... but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose.

Come on, is this really about cartoons? They're rampaging and burning flags. They're looking for Europeans to kidnap. They're threatening innkeepers and generally raising holy Muslim hell not because of any outrage over a cartoon. They're outraged because it is part of the Islamic jihad's culture to be outraged. You don't really need a reason. You just need an excuse. Wandering around, destroying property, murdering children, firing guns into the air and feigning outrage over the slightest perceived insult is to a jihadist what tailgating is to a Steeler's fan.

I know and understand that these bloodthirsty murderers do not represent the majority of the world's Muslims. When, though, do they become outraged? When do they take to the streets to express their outrage at the radicals who are making their religion the object of worldwide hatred and ridicule? Islamic writer Salman Rushdie wrote of these silent Muslims in a New York Times article three years ago. "As their ancient, deeply civilized culture of love, art and philosophical reflection is hijacked by paranoiacs, racists, liars, male supremacists, tyrants, fanatics and violence junkies, why are they not screaming?"

Indeed. Why not?

UPDATE: And now the leaders of this so called "peaceful religion" have called for the murder of the cartoonist. Could you imagine the Pope or Dali Lama doing such a thing? Not since the Nazis has the world been so in danger of loosing it's humanity. Something is wrong in the state of Islam.

The only problem with the cartoon is that he left out the horns

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seen in the newspaper today that there were thousands protesting these cartoons in Pakistan.

I was wondering if their employers let them go home early to go to the protest or is unemployment in Pakistan really that high?

TB ;-)

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 5:12 PM, Jim Smith said...

Too bad that there are no politicians anywhere in the world with enough intestinal fortitude to tell the imams to "Take a hike. It's our freedom of speech and our press, if you don't like it, don't read it." ... Jim Smith João Pessoa Brazil

I say: Too bad that our freedom goes with money and goes where power goes. Let's be better practioners and read better our real world. Why not take a hike and do cartoons with all owners of our planet!!!!

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FFE...You are twisting the facts..Translate the Headlines of Al Fagr newspaper above the cartoons...Al Fagr newspaper is not that popular and it is expensive for Egyptians (EGP 2 whereas most newspapers are EGP 1) so only a select few reads it... and finally get a life!!!

At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten will not publish any Iranian Holocaust cartoons, and it will not establish or seek to establish co-operation with any Iranian newspaper on such cartoons.

Double Standard?

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that possible than somebody translates in english the arabic text around the drawings, just to know in which way the egyptian newspaper introduced the danish cartoons ?
Thank you people !-)

At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really, really, really, this is a clear example of how anti-Islam and anti-Muslims turn over and reverse the truth. They INTEND to distort, pervert, misrepresent, misstate, falsify, wrench, warp, corrupt and twist the truth. If you were capable of reading Arabic, you would understand that the Egyptian newspaper you referred to was complaining of rudeness, hatred, ignorance and all kinds of vice and depravity inside those who made the cartoons, and those who are against of the prophet of Allah, the superior man of all humanity, all creations. They were not promoting the cartoons or showing them off in similar manner used by the western newspapers. Stop hatred you claim that Muslims have, while you are not stopping giving examples of being full with towards Muslims.
لا إله إلا الله
محمد رسول الله - صلى الله عليه و سلم
اتقوا الله يا اقباط مصر , يا من لم تنعموا بطعم الحرية و المعاملة الحسنة إلا عندما دخل الإسلام مصر
و اسألوا قساوستكم و جدودكم و راجعوا التاريخ
"يا أهل الكتاب لم تكتمون الحق و انتم تعلمون"

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, I really do feel petty about those who do not believe in Islam, for their brain, heart, and mind corruption, and feel much sorrier for their miserable destination they will have. I feel petty for them too because of ignorance, misinforming they fall victim to by lot of media of their own.

Islam is the only religion that is continually having proofs of credibility and signs of truth. These proofs are scientific, physical, spiritual, and all other kinds of proofs you may imagine.

Here if you wish some examples

For those who say some about freedom of speech when discussing offense against Islam or Muslims, why same persons reject same freedom of speech when denying the Holocaust, or anything related to Jews. See how fake, contrasting you and your values are?

For those who say Islam is against women, Islam is only religion treated the woman as a human being that has honorable, respected role that fits her nature, not as sexual merchandise to be uncovered. This is something I expect many of you do not understand.

For those who say Islam is against whatever read about Islam first from its original sources and use your brain, just like many, many westerners (public, priests, and especially scientists) did and converted to Islam. Try to ask some of them why they did so if you were lucky enough to meet one. Again use your brain to understand the philosophy, explanation, sense and purpose of some things about Islam that you may see unacceptable. Don't be superficial.

At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking. Thanks for the insights! I will check back again soon.
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At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really cant understand how r u thinking like that, there is a big difference between showing what the danish papers published and by making fun of the prohpet !!! i think a kid will understand that...
have a nice day .

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The example given a few posts before this suggests a corruption of the Old Testament to remove alleged references in the Bible to Mecca.

We are talking about Psalm 84:5-6. It is alleged references to Mecca (Baca) have been removed.

Here is the Arabic text:

طُوبَى لأُنَاسٍ أَنْتَ قُوَّتُهُمْ 5 . الْمُتَلَهِّفُونَ لاتِّبَاعِ طُرُقِكَ الْمُفْضِيَةِ إِلَى بَيْتِكَ المُقَدَّسِ.

وَإِذْ يَعْبُرُونَ فِي وَادِي 6 الْبُكَاءِ الْجَافِّ، يَجْعَلُونَهُ يَنَابِيعَ مَاءٍ، وَيَغْمُرُهُمُ الْمَطَرُ الْخَرِيفِيُّ بِالْبَرَكَاتِ.

In English it is:

5Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them.

6Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also filleth the pools.

All English translations use the word Baca as the name of a place. There has been no attempt to remove this word.

To suggest this is holy Mecca just stretches the context too far. The destination of people in these verses is clear.

Verse seven says:
7They go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion appeareth before God.

Zion is Jerusalem! To go from any part of Israel to Jerusalem via Mecca is just a silly idea.

Baca only appears once in the Bible so a Muslim emphasis on this verse with alleged corruptions is just another example of justification of extreme ideas and illogical thought.

So similarly any publication of an image in Egypt should be just as highly criticised as anything elsewhere in the world.

At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You stupid neocons arseholes need to quit fellating each other and ask yourselves what is the CONTEXT here. Why dont you translate the Arabic of the article and tell us what it says?

At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the sandniggers quit blowing up themselves and others the U.S. will finally be able to stop wasting billions on nuking camels and sandniggers. sounds like a good deal. the fuckers are outta virgins already.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all my muslim brothers and sisters. You must recall that prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was subjected to much worse attack during his life. Indeed all of God's messengers were subjected to attacks and ridicules from non-believers. The way to counter these pathetic behavopur from people who claim to be superior and lovers of freedom and human dignity, the best way to turn the table on them is to rise above their hate. Let them toy in their filthy twisted logic.. and have faith in God and in the message that came to earth as a mercy to mankind..Remember my brothers and sisters.. during the golden days of Islam, our religion spread by example.. people were impressed by our behaviour, our love of science, truth, justice..and all noble behavior. Today the world is saturated with vicious propaganda against us.. I have a great faith that people who twist the truth with full knowledge out of pure hate cannot rule the world for long.. history teaches us that very clearly..

At 6:14 AM, Blogger bollywood girls said...

i like your blog ....

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous vesti srbija said...

Amazing Story. Is this true?

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous أبل said...

land of Hippocrates



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