Friday, July 08, 2005

War of the Worlds

On Sunday: It is worth mentioning for those who don't have the privilege of reading Egyptian newspapers and seeing TV bulletins that all suicide bombers are named Martyrs. !!! Please welcome with me sponors of the ideology of hatred and crime. Regime with no brains, what will be the result?

Then if you think you are against government newspapers, and you have other choices... well you are mistaken, there are only government mass media or government mass media. There is no such weird concept as private sector media....You are stuck unless you are among those who can buy a satellite dish or able to borrow your neighbor's cable. A regime with no brains is securing the best policy for monopoly over the people's minds.

If some succeeded in doing something separate, staff should pay full allegiance to Egyptian authorities otherwise licenses are withdrawn... a fraudulent court case here or there if you dare to go in a wrong direction. I mentioning here most decent punishments by regime. Long Live our Freedom!

On the regime's the latest games: since everyone knows the level of coverage of Egyptian media weight... and no credibility on the international level whatsoever ...etc. The regime is trying to recruit all Egyptians that are working in Egypt as correspondents for foreign media offices, to work for the regime. Recruitment offers include high posts in government media with high salaries and of course winning full consent of the ruling family which means good chalets in Egypt's northern programs on TV.....a piece of land here or employment offer for a son or daughter. The offer depends on your weight, level or grade...

My worry now is that the regime won't be able to interpret the London attacks as terrorism...7ad yo2lom ya gama3a....

I wrote on Friday
Seeing "War of the Worlds" by Tom Cruise over the weekend, then waking up on Thursday, July 7 on such horrific news in London and Iraq, is like a nightmare coming true.

I hope that July 7 will remind us all that the mass media, particularly in Egypt, need to play more positive role in fighting terrorism instead of legitimizing its role in our lives.

It is so disgusting that the Egyptian media are insisting on calling terrorists in Iraq "resistance". It is so repulsive that the regime of Mubarak keeps insisting on giving orders to the mass media never to call Hamas and its likes anywhere anything but resistance. What the heck killing innocents called? What are you teaching the people? I hope that July 7 could teach such kind of abhorrent bloody media a lesson to give the right names for killing civilians and innocents; MURDER, CRIME, TERROR, TRANSGRESSION, GENOCIDE, HOMICIDE.


Egypt's regime posted diplomatic mission in Iraq to reach out for militant groups and insurgents!
How did the regime of Egypt confirm the death of Egypt's envoy without any evidence???
Is Egypt's press going to call killers of the Al-Sharif Martyrs???


At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that the events of July 7 had an alienating effect. The scourge of terrorism, however, is of this world. Others would use the word: 'home-grown' to identify its nature.

One can indeed argue that media that do not identify terrorism as a problem are actually playing in the hands of terrorists. This goes especially for media that identify terrorist acts as ‘insurgents’. Downplaying the threat level is just as a dangerous act as ignoring the problem of terrorism altogether.

I agree with the Blogger that is mainly the case while covering post-war Iraq. It is not only Egypt that does not seem to do right to the philosophy behind the atrocities. There are lots of countries that have little interest in calling acts of terrorism by their right name. I can sum up a long and boring list here but I am sure that anyone with a little interest in reading the papers will have an idea.

That this happens on a large scale does not make it right though.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

It is shameful that some media in the Arab world are calling terrorists that are responsible for killing Iraqis and others as resistance "FIGHTERS". There must be an ethical moral commitment towards each other as human beings that is not to justify terrorism. If you allow and permit killing others through the mass media, then you are allowing killing your own people that's what the regime of Mubarak is doing. It is giving free licenses to suicide bombers as Martyrs ...yes sad but true...loves seeing the blood of the Iraqis because Egyptian media are calling the killers "resistance fighters". Egyptian mass media are not condemning suicide bombers.

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I reject targeting innocent civilians, a major part of the problem is a delibrate confusion on defining terrorism.

Was Hezbolla committing acts of terrorism in attackin Israeli occupation forces in Southern Lebanon? YES, says Israel and the USA.

Is the new dath squads in Iraq coordinated and trained by the same officer who did so in El Salvador? NO says the US!!!

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A common standard for a definition of terrorism has indeed not materialized yet. Hezbollah features on the US list of terrorist organisations while this is not the case on the list used by the EU. This shows that qualifying an organization as ‘terrorist’ is primary a political decision and not so much a semantic one.

The blogger seems to define terrorism in a semantic way. Violent acts which are directed at sowing fear in the hearts of people fall clearly within this blogger's definition.

The blogger is calling for the public acknowledgement of the way killings are taking place in Iraq, not for a discussion on political arguments of how states are including terrorist organisations in their lists. Besides, the press is supposed to have an independent view.

At 3:24 AM, Anonymous Hany A said...

Murder, has only one meaning in my book, which includes self as well.
There has been a huge set of "murder" chain reactions that took place recently, and it did not start locally as everybody knows. I am not declaring here that the Saddam Hussein's regime was good or should have stayed, but we must never forget that the reasons behind the invasion of Iraq were all politically announced to be different from the actual ones. (We know that now for a fact.). In the back room of all that, lies the responsibility of media in USA, Europe and a lot of other places. We would like to talk about freedom of media, I personally feel that we lack it world wide, not particularly in Egypt.
There is however a significant difference between the Egyptian and the American news readers. The former has an inward program that tells him that most of what he reads is not necessarily true and could be serving a political aim. While on the other hand, the latter does not doubt whatever he reads and accepts it as a solemn fact. It can always be said that there were a lot of debates and discussions about the war in Iraq, and that in was a democratic choice to go to it. The fact still remains that even if democratic as it may have appeared, it has been based on wrong media inputs aimed at steering the public opinion in a political direction far from the truth. It is just like the democracy that crucified Jesus, it was a public vote from a misinformed public but nonetheless still democratic. I see the resemblance very close.
In short, we simple minded human beings, are manipulated, humiliated and abused by media all over the world that tend to worship a god that they have dethroned. Freedom, democracy, free media, human rights, equality, and a lot of other quality words, are tokens meant to be inserted in specific media slots to operate a politically planned objective. That is how I see it. Egypt is not an exception. Sorry to say that I feel that simple kind-hearted human beings, are but Dodos on the way to extinction by the relentless efforts of murders who rule the world.

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Thanks Hany for your contribution on my blogger. Thanks for taking the time to write here. I agree with you one thing, press is a power that is used everywhere. And it is legal to use this power. But what I don't agree on is using this power to manipulate peoples' brains and direct them into destructive ideas that eventually turn this people into supporters of terrorism around the world. Mass media in Egypt are turing people into terrorism supporters as it is drawing the image of the west as the enemy and anything that happens to them is what they deserve because the west is the source of evil and their problems.

I am not here in the position of defending US foreign policy but all I can tell that I stand with the sublime values of humanity that are based on tolerance, co-exsitence, respecting differences and human rights. Power of the press should not be abused to support a group of subversive animals who wants to kill our freedom or civilization.

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Hany A said...

Thank you kindly for your reply.
I think we are in agreement so to speak. I am inclined to think that Freedom of Press or Media is but a joke. It hardly exists anywhere. If it does, then it is ineffective and will never take a leading media role. The reasons are what I stated earlier. Values and ethics have become relative, terms and expressions have attained confused meanings. To clarify my point, analyze these:
Freedom of Iraq / occupying Iraq.
WMDS / Reason for the above even without international consent. If there were no traces of evidence found before, during or after occupation who will remember to ask?
Bringing terrorists to justice / a very good one to invade remote poor countries and cause a lot of deaths to poor civilians and assure the freedom of the terrorism masters.

All the above and a lot more, have been the media’s slogans to serve political purposes. They are all untrue and misleading; it could not be accidental, or unintentional. These are all products of the Free Press & Media of the West. So is it?
I am a firm believer of fighting terrorism, but I am more inclined to really fight its roots and eradicate all sorts of terrorists acts, whether by individuals, organizations, gangs or countries. Taking a human life without fair judgment is an act of terrorism no matter who performs it. Wars are ultimate terrorist acts in my opinion.
Media and press in Egypt are no less free than anywhere else, and the Free Press & Media of the West is not the example I would like to see followed locally.

Best regards.
Hany A

At 12:22 PM, Blogger urbansocrates said...

How can your message reach the US, where someone in the Bush government might actually take this seriously? Or is the Bush administration just practicing Realpolitik in the Mideast, and all this talk about democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan is just a cover?

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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