Friday, October 07, 2005

Five wounded and two detained in a Kefaya Ramadan congregation in Damanhour City

Opposition Kefaya movement website reported that Kefaya members had to leave the headquarters of the Nassarist Party in Damanhour City where they were holding a conference, following assaults by pocket knives from thugs and police. The conference was concluded with an agreementon a gathering next Saturday in front of the Damanhour general prosecutor office.

The protest gathering where a number of Cairo Kefaya coordinators are participating will be combined with a complaint against police high officers in Beyhara governorate that provided thugs with pocket knives and protection to attack Kefaya members.

The attack injured five people.Police detained two kefaya members. Lawyer Mohamed Abdel Aziz who is one of the injured was attacked in his face by a pocket knife. Thugs pinched Kefaya members’ properties under the protection of the police.

Kefaya website also reported that the members were attacked by boiling water.

Following the conference attack, Kefaya came under another attack while preparing for a Ramadan banquet in a tent, a tradition held during the month of Ramadan for the poor.

Kefaya members staged a sit-in where the banquet was supposed to be take place to release their two detained colleagues. The sit-in was surrounded by thugs released by police to intimidate Kefaya.

Kefaya released a statement condemning the oppressive way of the Egyptian security apparatus in dealing with peaceful gatherings and asserting its determination on maintaining the constitutional right for all citizens. Source: Kefaya website.


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