Monday, October 10, 2005

Is there a response from the "Muslim" Arab Countries to Pakistan quake?

Rescue workers on Sunday fanned out to remote areas of Pakistan even as one officials claimed over 30,000 people had died in Saturday's massive earthquake that left several thousands buried under the debris. More..

This scary natural disaster is grabbing the attention of the world on how to save some people that could be still alive under the debris as the British rescue team heard a woman who has been under the rubble for 2 days and a half with no food or drink. There could be hundreds in the same position. Help is needed from all over the world. International aid, including emergency rescue workers, began to flow in. Planes arrived from Turkey, Britain, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Russia, China and Germany also offered assistance.

Pakistan is a Muslim country, but it is not Arab. It does not fall under the Pan-Arabism project, hence not eligiable for the sympathy, out loud cries and Arab media propaganda.

Arab mass media are capable of scandalizing the US, Britian and Israel for the Palestinian and the Iraqi Muslims as the occupiers and invaders. I hope they remember that the first rescue teams that arrived in Pakistan were from India and US army bases in Afghanistan. Westesn rescue teams are frantically struggling to save the "Muslim" survivors. I hate to use Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh or Buddist, but I am using the same language of some Arab media outlets. Here is an example: "The Muslims in the Palestinian territories and Iraq are attacked and invaded by the Christian west or the Jewish Israel." Simple-minded press tend to interpret any disaster in a non-muslim country as a punishment from God, I wonder how would they call it in Pakistan?


At 10:50 AM, Blogger crossfader72 said...

I won't hold your breath. Perhaps the Pakistani fundis might wisen up and quick putting themselves on the altar for a caliphate the will never be allowed to run, no matter how many of themselves they blow up.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 4:29 AM, Blogger مصرى أوى said...

I am teasing my friends who thought that the Tsunami and Katrina are a punishment from God and I tell them that the earthquake is a punishment from God to Bin Laden as he wasn't very active lately!!! I am surprised by the Eyptian Government response to this as in Katrina they started a flying aid bridge to help the victims while Beni Sweef victims where dying in hospitals!!!

At 5:40 AM, Blogger MASRY said...

You are totally right … the issue is there is no real sympathy for the victims even among ordinary people. I remember now this BBC poll that suggested 87% of Egyptians believe their religion is more important that their nationalist feelings and wonder did they really mean it??!!!..
Anyway, I am glad they didn’t!

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Omni said...

Any country that refuses aid to those poor people should be ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!!

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Masry Awy,
Do not get me started on Beni Suef thing. What had happened to these innocent people is shameful.

Egyptians like to ask other Egyptians or foreigners about their religion. Something that does happen anywhere because faith is something very private. But adding to the faith, Muslims that are of high concern to us are only the Palestinians and Iraqis.

It is not about refusing, it is rather about defending some Muslims in some countries for political reasons but not defending their rights based on true humanitarian reasons. That's to say, Muslims in Indonesia are not counted because they do not serve particular political reason...etc

At 1:42 AM, Blogger Z said...

Interesting post. You make good points.


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