Friday, December 16, 2005

Egypt says US ignores offer to train Iraqi troops

This is so funny, "begad". Is there anyone from the Egyptian regime recording or documenting the Egyptian regime stances over the years? Does anyone have a record of strategy plans?

Wasn't President Mubarak the one who said we do not send troops to an Arab country under occupation? Are we withdrawing statements What did the Egyptian regime think at that time, when the US asked for other neighbouring countries to cooperate in stabilizing Iraq? That the US is going to kill the Iraqi nation. That all world troops go to Iraq for war. The answer is no if they still do not know what are other troops are doing there. Some of them are training Iraqi police and army...I feel so embarrassed for the Egyptian regime, do not beg now and lay the blame on the US..."ely ra7 ra7 ya albi..."


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