Friday, December 16, 2005

Cheney in Egypt,I wonder why?

US Vice President Dick Cheney will be visiting Egypt next week among other countries. Apparently, the main reason is Afghanistan because he will be representing the US in the opening session of the new elected parliament. And, he will be visiting Pakistan. The reason is known, post-earthquake assistance.

However, he will stop in Egypt, Oman and Saudi Arabia and his office did not mention straight forward reasons as for Afghanistan and Pakistan. But his office said that he will be meeting with the leaders of these three countries to discuss the war on terror and President Bush's goal of expanding freedom around the world.

I want to assure the US Vice President and tell him that our President promised to leave power no later than 2050 and that the Egyptian people will continue to rehearse rigged elections until we become mature enough to act as qualified citizens. I do not want to forget to say that voters go to vote to be shot dead not because of terrorists but because of the Ministry of the Interior.

I am so curious to know what is the reason of the visit?


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