Saturday, December 17, 2005

Egyptian Rigged Elections into International Investigation

Egypt's judges gave the regime an ultimatuma with a deadline to investigate the rigged parliamentary elections. The Egyptian General Assembly for judges threatened to resort to international investigation if the regime refrained from investigating the violations of the electoral process and the rigged results that brought the extremist wing of the banned Muslim Brotherhood to parliament. The deadline is March 17, if the government did not respond to their request; the judges will escalate it to international investigation.

The announcement came following the results of Judges Association elections where the “Independence list” of judges won. The winning group of judges set separating the judiciary jurisdiction and the government as a demand in their campaign. Didn’t I tell you that I am filled hope for a better future. And today after I read this news, I felt like floating with happiness.

There are still honorable people in my country who sincerely want the good for our Egypt. The result of the elections of the Judges Association is evidence that the Egyptian Presidential and Parliamentary elections were rigged. If the people truly choose who to represent them, they make the right choices and we will definitely not end up with Mubarak for President to rule for 30 years or the extremist Muslim Brotherhood and the regime’s National Democratic Party for Parliament seats. This is another acknowledgment from the Judiciary authority that protects our laws and constitution that the Egyptian elections were rigged; hence we live in a state that is being run unconstitutionally.

The newly elected judges will preside over their Association for three years. Four thousand judges voted in the elections and newly elected president, counselor Zakaria Abdel Aziz won over his pro-regime candidate with difference of more than 3000. Yes, that’s wonderful. The new president won 3687 votes and the latter 930 in fair democratic free elections.

Their last Friday General Assembly meeting that lasted after midnight reviewed the violations of the rigged elections and attacks on the innocent citizens and the colleague judges during the voting and monitoring process. Their next extraordinary General Assembly meeting will be held on March 17, to discuss referring the electoral violations to international investigation. They gave the regime three month to conduct investigation on the attacks of the police officers on the judges.

Not only that, wait for more good news, the General Assembly decided following a majority referendum not to participate in any upcoming elections unless they are given the authority to observe and monitor the elections fully and setting up judiciary police to receive orders from them to ensure neutrality and integrity. The judges also stated that they will not be part of rigged elections or be involved with the riggers at any expense and whoever proven from the judges to be involved in the rigging will be stopped.

More good news is coming; I just cannot take my breath from happiness. They threatened that if the General Attorney showed slackenness to bring the responsible for human rights violations during elections, they will seek international investigation. The list of violations includes government orders to police officers to attack the judges, attacking demonstrators violently at the Referendum Day on the constitution’s amendment, May 25 this year. The General Assembly added that some women demonstrators were attacked and sexually harassed by thugs hired by the regime’s National Democratic Party.

In their statement they also mentioned that elections were rigged and that the regime claims it is under the judiciary supervision, so they admit that they are being used as a tool to legalize the results without our consent.

The chairman of the Alexandria Governorate branch for the Association described the parliamentary elections as a farce and asked the Egyptian President to tell the people what had happened.
What is happening is historic in the real sense of the word. My words will not describe my happiness. These group of honorable people are giving us hope for a bright future for Egypt that is being destroyed intentionally by a malicious gang who currently rule whom their only motivation is absolute greed for power.
Today I feel I am a proud citizen, feeling the protection of the highest authority in the country. But above all I am extremely proud of my people, represented in the judges. More....
For details in Arabic, Mona Salem from the Middle East online is reporting.
More honorable stances from our judges since last Spring this year:


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Don Cox said...

How long before those judges find themselves in jail?

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

They have to insist on passing a law to separate the jurisdiction from the executive body. This is the only way they can protect themselves.


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