Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My First Tango Class

I am on a hiatus from work for a couple weeks as of today. I will be investing this time in networking and “meeting the press”, something which I have been avoiding. But not only that, I have decided to unburden myself from the work routine and start new life program. I want to break the cycles of my life to bring new energy into my soul and body. This is very typical me, I am all about change which is very un-Egyptian. Generally, Egyptians love to keep everything as they are. This is obvious how our disastrous political conditions remained as they are after the so unblessed 1952 revolution that brought military ruling to Egypt until today.

It is so apparent that the status quo is remaining under very tight security apparatus. The Muslim Brotherhood is working hard to be the alternative for the corrupt dictatorship running Egypt. I bet they have the same agenda like Hamas. So once a true democracy process instilled, they will find their way through ballot boxes. That will happen for two reasons; Egyptians do not go to the polls and under the current political situation, the regime’s National Democratic Party will always want to stand out. The NDP does not enjoy any popularity among Egyptians. So who will go to vote will be the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood who were very active during the last legislative elections, or those who hate the guts of the regime. Jailing opposition leader Ayman Nour, whether you agree with him or not, is a blatant proof of the government crackdown on secular and moderate streams in the Egyptian society.

The only way to get out of the Muslim Brotherhood alternative dilemma and the domination of the current regime is a strong shake up to the Egyptian society, which I do not know how this can happen under the continuous address of hatred to the west running all over the media outlets. Our government supports modernization without westernization, according to statements by Egypt’s Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif. The government wants modernization with Islamization which is pretty clear. It is sad because the only parties that could help are from the western world. The government is basically advocating using the western money and aid but without their freedom and democracy values.

To dance the Tango, you need to partner with a good leader, (from the woman’s perspective). In the Tango dance, the man is usually leading the dance while the woman is responsible for maintaining the distance. Starting beginner’s Tango classes is part of the change that I look forward to. I have been always enchanted by this Argentinean dance. Being a Middle Eastern, in Egypt I only saw real Tango in foreign movies and may be in some theatres in Cairo. Learning the Tango is not only part of making some needed change, but in fact it is part of an earlier decision to live as an international Egyptian citizen who is able and willing to fall in love with all the finesse of the world’s diversity and openness. French and Uruguayan instructors are teaching the beginner’s class for the Argentinean Tango dance, isn’t it that beautiful? And I am one of their students, an Egyptian citizen. During the class you keep partnering with so many people, it could happen that men partner with men or women with women depending on the proportion. One of the exercises, I had to partner with an American guy, standing out with no American features; first question was where are you from? I said I am Egyptian. We had to pause for few seconds for him to absorb the answer, which in my guess was a shock, before we start the exercise. Apparently, the Egyptians that the world hears of nowadays are the two popular terrorists Ayman Alzawahery and Mohamed Atta or the Muslim Brotherhood women who are covered from head to toe. Anyway, but I want to tell you that Tango has such difficult steps. And learning the steps together with the music is almost a mission impossible for me. I will see how it will go in the coming classes.

If my country is giving no free political and social life, I will keep admiring other countries’ until I have one.


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Egypeter said...

Very nice post FFE :)

I wish you the best with your tango classes! Maybe the next time I come to Egypt you can show me what you learned :)

You said Egypt is looking for modernization with Islamization. I know what I think about this matter but I wanted to hear your opinion on it...do you think that this is possible at all? I honestly think that this is impossible. Modernization has to come through a civil secular society. For example, this past summer I travelled all over Turkey. I ABSOLUTELY loved the country! I kept thinking to myself "God I wish Egypt could be like this" or "What a shining example of an Islamic country with freedom."
Now, Turkey of course, is not without its problems, but it is doing a heck of a job all things considered. This was definitely not the case as Turkey, during the Ottoman Empier, was a disaster but things changed in the 1920's under Kamal Ataturk. I'm not sure if you know much about this guy but he was awesome. He's revered over there as a god almost...the country loves him.
His legacy is one thing...he secularized the country, PERIOD. Thus, the begining of modern day Turkey. He elevated the status of women, took Islam and Sharia out of the constitution, and actually asked the men to shave their beards (that one is kinda funny b/c I met a Turk w/ a beard and said he grew it b/c ataturk said no)

I hope and one day for Egypt to have a ruler like that. Ataturk single-handedly developed Turkey into a productive secular state that happens to be Muslim. How awesome would Egypt be if we can find a ruler like that? I guess I'll keep hoping and praying until it happens.

Anyway, take care FFE and keep on dancin'

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous shahi said...

i totally agree with you FFE , the muslims brotherhood are coming stronger . soon all of egypt will turn to egyptstan (like afghanestan) people here must know more about politic and how to vote for the one who deserve .. but sure the government doesn't like that with the emperor and his son .. i really like how's turkey and how the Islamization and the modernization are mixed together .. maybe you're right we egypeter we need such a man like atatork to get us out of the arabic cover ... and the religouse dominance ..
very good work FFE and nice comment egypeter i really wish to break my routine , i'd like to see something about women rights here and how the girls are suffering from the masculine society

take care all


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