Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Egyptian Blogger, Alaa, Summoned to State Security

Egyptian blogger Alaa is summoned to State Security for no reason after returning from a trip to Uganda. I guess the Department wants to have him over a cup of tea to invite him to “Cooperate”. Could be also that the Ministry of the Interior wants to create a blog to speak to the Egyptian people, modernization eh, or an aggregator to Egyptian bloggers to host all blogs of interest to the government.

Alaa Abdel Fattah 's blog Won Reporters Without Borders Special Award for 2005.

This is unlawful to summon a citizen without giving reasons. But this is Egypt, a country run by Emergency Law. By the way the Emergency will have to be renewed May this year or replaced by anti-terrorism law.

Sandmonkey, who is currently in the US on a visit, is afraid to return to Egypt. He fears arrest or interrogation upon arrival!!

Last November, Nabeel Abdul Kareem was detained for several weeks for his blog writings.

And I want to say that the State Security is monitoring my blog, I m recording IP numbers that belong to the Egyptian Government that pop into my blog once I update it. I am keeping them for the record.


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