Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sawasya for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination

The Ikhwan or the Muslim Brotherhood is invading the human rights advocacy field. I know that so many people get an allergy when they hear the Muslim brotherhood word. It might be a bit unfair to generalize when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB has moderate and extremist wings. I am following up their sites and press statements. And the reason why I want to introduce you to this human rights center is because I read a statement by this center that is sponsored by some elements from the MB saying for the first time in my entire life that building worship places laws should be unified for all citizens. I was so surprised to hear that for the first time, given the supremacy status of Muslims over Copts when coming to building mosques in comparison to churches. Those statements were made by the Sawasya Center for Human Rights (Arabic and English) following Luxor attacks on some Egyptian Copts who attempted to build a church. When I traced the origin or the source of these statements that I did not hear from our so-called secular government, I found that it is an Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood Center.

I believe that democracy means inclusion and full participation for all parties and that oppression generates oppression.


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