Monday, January 02, 2006

UN Diplomats:Egypt Resists a new UN Human Rights Council

Human Rights Watch urges the Egyptian Government to conduct an independent investigation into the death of more than 25 Sudanese Refugees and the injury of more than 50 following a pre-dawn raid by police officers in Modandeseen Giza to evacuate more than 2000 Sudanese refugees.

New York Times reports today a follow up on the misery of the Sudanese refugees after the brutal evacuation that led to the death of more than 25, mostly children, women and elderly people.

NY Times reports "Abdul Aziz Muhammad Ahmed, 29, sat shivering on the steps just beneath the metal door leading to Father Mbuthia's offices. "I'm not sick," he said through a far-off gaze. "My daughter, Asma, was killed." Asma was 9 months old, and her uncle said he dropped her when the police clubbed him...I haven't told my wife yet," Mr. Ahmed said. "She is already sick."

The article says "the anger and despair were inseparable. Solaiman Youssef, 32, said he had been holding his 3-month-old daughter in his arms when the police clubbed her over the head. She screamed for a while, and then died. His wife is still missing.

I just wanted to live with dignity; that is all I wanted," he said. "Now I feel angry, sad and I want revenge. I am boiling and I want revenge. I have no hope, no idea what I am going to do next. No money, no clothes, no family."

UN makes replacing rights panel a 2006 priority

In releated news, a UN Human Rights Council is proposed to replace the existing 53-member Human Rights Commission, which has been criticized for routinely granting membership to governments with questionable rights records, including Cuba, Libya, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

US ambassador to the United Nationas John Bolton said he hopes to block the worst human rights violators from using posts on the Human Rights Council to deflect or prevent criticism of their rights records.

In a no surprising move, International Herald Tribune and New York Times reported that UN diplomats singled out Egypt and Pakistan as countries that were leading the resistance to the proposed council.

The absence of such a Council will give the opportunity to the Egyptian regime to continue the killing series...

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