Thursday, February 16, 2006

Danish Democratic Muslims are Going International

Danish blogger, PIA CAUSA, wrote today that Danish Muslim Member of Parliament Naser Khader and his new organisation of Democratic Muslims aim high.

At an international press conference in the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen today Khader and his network launched their international ambitions. According to JyllandsPosten Naser Khader said "We’re now working to get the network functioning across boarders. Problems with integration and religious differences are not specific Danish. We’ll invite Muslim networks from among others USA, Canada and Australia for our founding assembly." Read more here.

Previously on Naser Khader and his new "Moderate Moslem"-Network.
From his website: Show your support to the Moderate Moslem Network


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are burning a cross in front of the danish embassy in Iran, and a Pakistani Iman have promised 25.000 $ and a car for the beheading of one of the cartoonist.
The world is shaking its head!

Islam is turning to be a fascist hipocrite religion?

Will normal islami followers act, or will islam forever be a terrorist religion, killing randomly in the world?

Is there an end to muslim madness, or is this the dawn of their religion?

Can the world ignore these hordes of religious rioters, leaving them alone in their world of hate and intolerance?

Can we leave innocent children to grow up under the oppression of a religion gone bad?

How do we free the world of this rising evil?

Will any moderate muslim answer, or just turn their heads as usual?!


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