Sunday, February 12, 2006

Boycott the US: Cartoons printed on T-Shirts

Since the cartoon crisis has started, American flags were burned in all cases for no reason. The love to the US is always demonstrated with any rising demonstrations and protests. The mobs cannot simply disregard the popularity of the U.S. in their hearts, despite the fact the US had nothing to do with the cartoons and could have used to the cartoons as retaliation for the excessive publications of the photos of Abu Gharib prisons, according to the conspiracy theory. The US should have boycotted all countries that published the photos, including the US press institutions inside the US for having them everywhere. Mind you that in most of police stations and prisons in so many totalitarian regime countries in the Middle East there is at least on Abu Gharib prison. The difference is that guilty persons where referred to trial and were sentenced to prison. From the very beginning, the U.S. government statements on the cartoons tried to appease the angry Muslims around the world, showing understanding to their feelings. However, today the news reported that a US company called Metrospy started printing the insulting cartoons on t-shirts in the US and they are sold on the internet. The company authorities noted they aim to support freedom of speech by selling the t-shirts. The authorities said 120 people ordered these t-shirts on the very first day they began to sell them and added they will not take the criticisms into consideration.

What will all boycotting Muslims now do? Boycott the US because of a company? Then let me wish you the best of luck. I won't worry about American flags, they are burned in all cases! How about governments inciting riot that claim to be US allies?


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