Friday, February 10, 2006

Saudis are Taking Safety Control, Saving Egyptian Lives

On Feb3, 2006, the Egyptian Al Salam 98 sunk into the rough water of the Red Sea with more than 1000 passengers on board, mostly Egyptians.

The losses deeply saddened the Egyptian people and no doubt devastated the inflicted families as reports showed slackness on part of the Egyptian government to show any signs of taking responsibility.

The Saudi government’s response to the catastrophe is but a reiteration to the negligence of the Egyptian government and the amount of indifference towards the Egyptian citizens.

On Tuesday, the Saudi authorities swiftly took action to stop another Egyptian death ferry, Al Salam 94, from taking off from its shores, saying that the ferry is not adequate for navigation. Again, the Egyptian government and authorities are acting with full recklessness towards Egyptians. The Saudi authorities forced the Egyptian ferry to return to Suez with no single passenger. The ferry was described as very old and in a very bad condition. I am speechless!

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At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sincere condolsences to the families of those who perished.

Is there going to be an internal enquiry into the cause of the disaster?

Or will there be a false promise such as the one made in the aftermath of the Mustafa Mahmoud massacre?


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