Tuesday, January 02, 2007

African Path Website is Born

Acknowledging the need for free voices to report about their homelands, here is a new African news/blog posts aggregator is born. From the news letter I received: "The African Path web site has launched. African Path is created to fill a void in the marketplace for a strong Pan-African web site where news content and blogging can be merged into a unified voice. A lot of African bloggers are discussing issues relevant to the continent but online exposure to these blogs is limited. African Path aims to provide this much needed exposure. We aim to fill the void left by big media in covering information on Africa and providing a forum in which Africans can discuss issues concerning themselves both within and outside the continent.

The African Path website features news headlines from global and major African media houses, an ever growing group of bloggers covering various topics and an interactive calendar for events taking place in different cities worldwide.

Topics featured on the site include current events, politics, technology, religion, music, entertainment, sports, health, human rights, AIDS, democracy and much more. The site will share experiences inherently African from daily accounts of people within the continent, Africans in the Diaspora and foreigners who have visited Africa. "


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