Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cairo International Film Festival Rocks in the Middle East

Despite political and economic disappointments that we face in Egypt, there is no doubt that Egypt is the Hollywood of the Middle East and will always remain. A city that has always been a beacon of art and a mecca for all art lovers. A history of movie industry that extends for close to a century will always be remembered despite the ups and downs.

Tonight, Cairo International Film festival was inaugurated with high presence of Arab and foreign artists.

Latin American movies are the guest of honor this round for the festival.

Believe it or not, Cairo Film Festival is hosting for the first time movies from Saudi Arabia and Oman. Yes, Saudi Arabia... It is the first movie production for Oman. And, the Saudi movie is starring Saudi actors and actresses and is written by Egyptian script writer Belal Fadel.

Late Egyptian Writer Naguib Mahfouz will be honored in the 30th round for the festival. Mahfouz passed away this yeat at the age of 95.

France Culture" Radio channel transmits all the Cairo International Film Festival events and manifestations led by renowned journalist/ presenter Frederic Mitterrand . Fred is the son of late French President Francois Mitterrand. France Culture" is listened to, by all the francophone (French speaking) countries all over the world, with 1,200,000 listeners daily.

Strong presence for the Arabic cinema, around 21 movies from about 8 countries are participating.

My family told me they could hear the inauguration ceremony fireworks from home. I am sure it was such a magnificent night to be in Cairo downtown today. I was told the huge screens will be placed in some spots down town so people can the see the opening ceremony.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was ashamed to see:-

1. egyptian actresses half naked on the stage and the funniest thing is the foreign actress like Ms. Bisset who is from UK look more decent than our egyptian actresses.

2. How funny was it to see the foreign actors and actresses finding difficult way to receive their trophy from Mr. Farouk Hosni due to the high staircase and bad lighting.

3. This is what happened when there are no rehersal or briefing to the actresses and actors who took part in the show.

4. The Egyptian are well known for their recklessness and unprofessional work. Their motto is MIB - Malesh, Insyallah and Bukrah. They never completed the task given to them heartedly except just wanted to finish it or get over it as soon as possible.

5. I am ashamed of one egyptian actor who received his trophy from Mr. Farouk Hosni and ignored a legend actor like Mr. Omar Sharif whereby foreign actors/actresses braced and hugged him and even mentioned his name being an egyptian actor and hollwood star.

6. When the egyptian will learn to do their job professionally or dont do at all!!!!

7. As for actors/actresses, dont think you are better than the legend actors/actresses and dont even think that you can reach the same level as this legends and they need to learn to be humble and respect others.

At 11:54 AM, Blogger Egypeter said...

FFE - Rambling, incoherent rants like the one from the intolerant 'anonymous' above me should really be booted outta here.

Anyway, with all the crazy shit that we hear coming out from the ME, it's nice to hear about the humanities and arts every once in a while!

BTW - they should make Minister Farouk Hosni president of Egypt :)

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Hi Egypeter,

I do not care what actresses wear. It is not a morality or immorality speech here.

Plus this year's festival should be encouraged for the fact it is the first independent festival. It is not the government money and authority. Private businessmen money is talking.

I am critical myself of so many things, but this does not mean that there are so many positive things. One of these things is art. Egypt or Cairo is full of wonderful artists. Not only in the movie industry but in all kinds of arts. I have met so many of them, but they are not taking a proper role due to the dirty political scene.

The second reason why this festival should be applauded because it has a new president Ezzat Abu Ouf who is a very respectful artist and deserves a chance to prove that he can carry this festival to the expected levels.

This anonymous comment did not mention any appreciation to for any movie he/she wants to see.

I would grap the opportunity to see every and each movie to love and appreciate other nations' art and movies!!!

At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'new president Ezzat Abu Ouf who is a very respectful artist and deserves a chance to prove that he can carry this festival to the expected levels'

Yes he should be congtratulated for a good job but the problem is he is not doing his best and upmost for the event and even the local newspaper were complaining about him especially when the event was sponsored by businessmen. It should be the best instead of just good!!!.

Not that i didnt appreciate the Egyptian film industries and arts, in fact i loved Egyptian movies especially the oldies black and white, really good drama but not just crap films or drama showing naked body and mostly concentrated on sex but not the quality of the movies and the dialogue and most of all the meaning behind the films. I used to watch the international movies showed during this time of the year but only the good ones. And most of all, dont forget only thru' film industries we could educate the viewers. When we have bad film industries we get bad morals. For eg. incident in downtown during Eid.

I lived in overseas all my life, i am still what i am, still a muslim, know what is haram and halal and what is a must and forbids in Islam.

Being liberal or living abroad doesnt make a person have to act like foreigners and forget his root and religion!!

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Col. B. Bunny said...

Hello, FFE. I think of you at times and hope that all is well with you.


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