Thursday, March 01, 2007

Washington Post on Oppression of Freedoms in Egypt

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Once again Egypt's Hosni Mubarak shows zero tolerance for a secular democratic dissenter.

"THE BUSH administration has tolerated Egypt's brutal crackdown on domestic dissent and the broader reversal of its democratic spring of 2005 in part because President Hosni Mubarak argues that his adversaries are dangerous Islamic extremists. It's true that the largest opposition movement in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood; how dangerous it is can be debated. But what is overlooked is that Mr. Mubarak reserves his most relentless repression not for the Islamists -- who hold a fifth of the seats in parliament -- but for the secular democrats who fight for free elections, a free press, rights for women and religious tolerance." More


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe there is secular democrats in Egypt. I wouldn't count the 2% minority as existing. Some claim they are secular but they have hidden agendas, some want to be secular but their environment and education will eventually win them over and transform them to extremists. Some secular ppl defend the MB from the Human rights point of view, sounds fair enough eh?. But let us remember that what is happening in Europe now, and is starting to happen in the States, Canada and Australia, is cus of the "human rights shama3ah". Some are saying Kefaya - fair enough and have my full support- but what have they presented as alternative? I hear the voices of the " El Hegab Kabl el Hissab" louder and clearer.


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