Friday, July 29, 2005

Follow-up on Reda Helal and Sayed AlQumni

This morning while drinking my coffee, I was doing my usual surfing for the different Egyptian and Arab news websites. I saw this very weird news on (in Arabic) linking the murder of the Egyptian journalist Reda Helal to the repentance of the Egyptian writer Sayed Alqumni from writing. I am sure this concept of repentance from writing is strange to many people but this what had happened. He claimed that a group of terrorists wanted to kill him for his writings (as I wrote in one of my previous blog) so he decided not to write.

I am seeing a dirty foul play now unfolding in front of my eyes!! It is so strange that suddenly AlQumni alleged threatening letters are linked to the murder of Reda Helal!!! The regime is the prime suspect accused of killing Reda Helal for reasons we all know.

Suddenly out of the blue, the emails Alqumni received are linked to the murder of Reda Helal. OH MY GOD! HOW DISGUSTING! The regime collaborated with AlQumni to wash its hands from the blood of REDA HELAL!! By faking this terrorist group that's called "Jihad in Egypt"! and using Sayed Alquimi to play this dirty role on all of us. I have to reconsider now all what I wrote in my previous blog about this Alqumini. This means that the regime can kill all of us faking OH it was a terrorist group! SHAME SHAME SHAME! SHAME ON YOU Alqumni if my speculation is true.
I am SO disgusted!

Previous blog on Reda Helal.


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