Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sharm El-Sheikh Aftermath- My protest!

>>> I have noticed that Scotland Yard in London sealed off all sites that were attacked by terrorists, I saw that tourists were taking pictures in the attacked sites in Sharm El Sheikh. Sites were not sealed until the following day...hello....what kind of investigation is that?

>>> Egyptian & Arab TV camera men were kicking the rubble around with their feet to have clear spaces....Hello... where are the forensic teams ??

>>> The Egyptian ministries of the Interior, Health and Tourism are CONTINUOUSLY contradicting each other on the death toll....hello... where is the truth????. Should we go in person and start counting!

>>> Egyptian local channels are interrupting transmission to tell the people that President Mubarak gave directives to save the people in Sharm El Sheikh...hello....should I understand that without his blessed directives people should have been left without rescue!!!!

>>> Sharm El Sheikh was completely paralyzed for two hours due to the President's visit. All rescue efforts were interrupted...hello...Not only that but all cell phones networks were taken offline or jammed for his all emergency rescue and investigations came to a halt????People's attention was diverted to clean the scene rather than looking for more survivors!!!! Is his security more important that saving the lives of the innocent victims of the horrendous attack? What if there is a victim under the rubble who has a cell and can call? There is no consideration for the victims lives.....

>>> I will not mention the mass arrests following Sharm El-Sheikh attacks in view of the Egyptian efficient investigations....I leave that to human rights groups...

>>>>> The nicest part of this trauma was that many Egyptians went to the streets of Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh condemning the terrorist attacks. Images showed cooks in Sharm wearing their chef's hats with "Stop terrorism".Candle light vigils were in Sharm and one was stopped in Cairo. I got an invitation on my blog for a demonstration on 6 of October bridge in Cairo. I am seeing all those Egyptians are reacting positively to the horrific attack condemning it in Cairo and Sharm. I am so proud of my people. Despite the difficulty of taking permissions from state security department, they are keen on condemning terrorism. If any Egyptian citizen attempts to demonstrate with no permission he/she is under arrest by Emergency Law. Thumbs up guys!! Your courage is beating the clumsiness and recklessness of the negligent government!

This is my little Protest Against Terrorism in the blogsphere, please join !


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Mohamed said...

Hello fe3lan. What a mess.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Thanks Mohamed for your comment. I don't know when will the time come when the government can show some respect to our lives as human beings... this is so sad:(

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm Ahmed.

Again, It's the same old story, same old and obsolete redundant system; randomization is in everything in Egypt, it’s in bones!, not only in investigations or forensic work, it's a belief and an attitude; our government seeks no man brain online, all off, all tied.

We are careless, we plan not, and we think not; we deserve our fate, unfortunately.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

I know ya Ahmed how all of us are really frustrated, and this Sharm El-Sheikh attacks came as a real blow for all of us. But frustration is not the answer to this obselete systems, we need to be proactive to reverse all these negative situations. That's how I feel at least even if we are helpless.


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