Friday, July 15, 2005

The woman I cried my eyes out for...

It was very strange to disccover that I am a fan of a celebrity. I always tried to play the cool. But yes I am a big fan of the murdered Egyptian actress, Soad Hosni. I didn't know how much I loved this beautiful creature until her funeral day. I was watching her funeral on tv and I realized that I cannot stop my tears that were running like a river. I cannot remember I had been in such state before or after.

The reason why I m remembering that day again, it is because some courageous Egyptians are trying to reveal the Egyptian security lies about her death, which comes in a long string of stories intended to make fool of Egyptians. Egyptian security claims that she committed suicide.

One of the reasons why I loved Soad Hosny is because she was among very few stars in the black and white movies era who called on women to always play a role in her relationship with her man. Some would ask me what's new...two equal partners and both are expected to play equal roles in a relationship. For those who are not so familiar with cultural differences, women in the Middle East in some communities are expected to act like a chair or side lamp when she marries. The man is usually the one in control and the dominating partner. The ego of some eastern men does not allow women to have a say in anything, not to mention in a relationship. Soad Hosny was quite different in that respect when she picked her female characters in her movies, she encouraged women to initiate relationships and that was revolutionary in the 1960s. She stressed the fact that women should play a role in relationships.

At a meeting for some artists and lawyers at the Lawyers Syndicate in Cairo yesterday, Egyptian lawyer Essam Kandeel indicated that there could be reasons why Soad was killed, almost sure she was killed by secret Egyptian authorities. Kandeel said that there are political reasons behind the death of Soad. He also said that Egyptian republican guard chief general Al-lethy Nasser and another Egyptian scientist were killed same way in the same building where soad was killed. This is itself is an evidence that there are some secret Egyptian service that is operating to kill Egyptians abroad for political disagreement with the regime or for having secrets that are not supposed to be uncovered. Soad was probably the latter case as she wrote her diary that disappeared following her murder.

At the same meeting were all these revelations were made, this Samir Sabri (actor) claims that she was killed because of the money she had in her apartment in London. He was probably on drugs when he said so. She could not pay for her treatment. Sorry to tell him that condolences are not accepted from a person, the money he earns is tarnished with her blood. He worked for the people who killed her and they pay him his income.

When Soad Hosny died I realized what kind of cancer that spread into the glamorous life of movies in Egypt when our cinema was replaced by the cinema of officers in the 50s', killing all potential talents and existing stars in which Soad was one of them. Soad is a victim like many other victims in the different fields in Egypt. She is only under the spot lights. But many Egyptians are killed daily by frustration, hunger and poverty. When will the time come when Egypt stops burying its talents at the hands of the power-thirst gang ruling us?

Many actresses were luckier than Soad, they either fled the country or remained at their homes giving their lives of glamour in the 1950s. Soad was poor and had nothing except her talent. She wasn't well established like those who fled the country.

I hope that the new attempt to open Soad Hosni's case will help free our cinema from the grip of the security and officers, returning it back to its glamour when it was the 4th cinema industry worldwide in the first half of the last century .

It is true we miss her so much but she is still there helping us find our freedom and lightening up our lives with her wonderful movies..

In Egypt, when you want to flatter a woman you tell her you resemble Soad Hosni or when a mother wants to brag about her daughter she says she is a carbon copy of Soad Hosni and I always loved that. She is an idol.

Soad Hosny is an Egyptian movie star who was killed in mysterious circumstances in London in June 21, 2001. Fingers are pointed at the ex-minister of information as a prime suspect for her death.

Signed one of your fans who cried when you died.


At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent piece on Soad Hosny. Warm, sincere and pasionate

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soad Hosny was the first icon of classic Egyptian cinematography which I encountered in my introduction to this genre. I was immediately captured by her grace and seized by her style of acting. By the time I got to know of Soad Hosny she was already not with us anymore.

Although tears would have been superfluous in my case, I felt disappointed. She could have still meant so much to the Egyptian cinema and I am sure the loss is dearly felt, even today. The blog paints a lovely and vivid picture of a strong actress with an eye for the deeper meaning of her work. Probably the blogger has a touch of Soad Hosny...

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

I felt that Soad Hosni had to arbitrarily leave our world. It is quite unfair to her and to us.


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