Saturday, August 13, 2005

The B-52 will Take Care of You

On January 30, Iraq’s first democratic election was held after toppling the Iraqi dictator who was in power for 35 years. He could have been still with us until now but thanks for the heavy bomber B-52. The features of this air combat do not only include performance of strategic attacks, air interdiction, offensive counter-air and maritime operations but also shaking other Arab dictators in their seats. I have to admit here that I am one of the fans of the B-52. I was thinking of having one of its posters on the wall to look at her everyday in all its glory as a reminder of the success of democracy and freedom that are working in the ME because of her. Sorry I am cynical as usual.

While the Egyptian presidential election is at our door step, I only believe that our President did not initiate the so-called change of article 76 of the constitution to allow presidential multiple candidates to run for presidency, because he woke up one day born anew believing that freedom and democracy are essential to run a state. Mubarak himself being an army pilot is very aware by now of the capabilities of the B-52 after Iraq. He also learned his lesson very well that the US is capable of stretching its arms to Asia to grab Saddam from a hole under the ground.

The first signal that ignited most of the Arab oppressed nations’ battle towards democracy and freedom was the stunning, ravishing B-52. Despite the love and hate relationship that most of the nations in the Middle East experience with the US because of the previous support of the US to dictators, I think there must be recognition for the B-52. Without it, Egyptians would not have had all these demonstrations in the streets of Egypt. Mubarak did not lift Emergency Law since 1981 and he is still the sole ruler and he wants to continue to 2011. The only change that has been made for a fact is the toppling of Saddam. Just to let you know the good news, Mubarak intends to change the name of the Emergency Law after September elections to Terrorism Law, subjecting all anti-Mubarak Egyptians to the adjective of "terrorist". Wait for me after September elections: I all be signing as Freedom for Egyptians terrorist!

Being a friend and collaborator with the former Iraqi regime, the current regime of Egypt is threatened but has not changed. Mubarak helped Saddam in the 80s to kill thousands of innocent Iraqis, Kurds and Iranians. Read this report by the CIA. What will prevent the current regime to kill or torture us except the B-52? What kind of drastic change that can happen to the regime in Egypt to turn it into morally straight regime abiding by international standards for democracy and freedom.

The following is quoted from the CIA report on the Egyptian regime's role in the Iraqi chemical war saga.

During the early years, Egyptian scientists provided consultation, technology, and oversight allowing rapid advances and technological leaps in weaponization. With the Iran-Iraq war well underway, Egypt assisted Iraq in CW (chemical weapons) production:
  • In 1983, Egypt made modifications to the Grad 122 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System to enable warheads to store chemical agents.
  • In 1984, Egypt exported Grad rockets with plastic inserts to hold chemical agents.
  • In the mid 1980s, Iraq invited Egyptian chemical weapons experts to Iraq to assist in producing Sarin munitions.

Yes, I am the future. I believe in that.


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any general knows that he cannot win a war using aircombat alone. Sure enough, big planes carrying heavy bombs pose a threat. But instead of shaking Arab dictators in their seats, I think more effort has to be exerted then just to do some shaking.

Until now, no Arab leader has shown any signs of being impressed by the demonstration of US power in a lasting way. For real change the Middle East, the US has to keep the pressure on. Unlike Arab leaders would like the international community to believe, reform is definitely not home-grown. The careful unlooker has probably not missed that steps towards civil liberties are only undertaken upon strong incentives coming from international, mostly US, pressure.

Take the Egyptian Emgergency Law. In place since Mubarak came to power, it serves as the main pillar for safeguarding his rule. Since the second Bush Administration has been in place, much of its pressure has been directed to the Emergency Law. Mubarak's movement in this issue has been unsurprisingly little; the response is just cosmetic. This is way of dealing shows contempt and not credible anymore. Its time for more drastic measures.

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Gary Brackett said...

I wish I could understand what people mean by the word 'democracy' especially of the Americam brand. They seem to think USA is the land of plenty, freedom and happiness when the reality is so much different. It is enough to remember the first Bush Jr. election and the lies, maneuverings and distortions of his coup d'état. Yes we do not have torture and a dictator like you have had in your couintry(My government likes to export certain detainess to your land for torturing)and you should be a little happy that there are some changes happening. But if you think American style democracy is a democracy of participation, well, go to the slums, homeless shelters, soup lines of the OTHER America. You want a bombing campain i your land to bring a voting campaign. Get real lady: I can see you are an upper-class person who would be the first to fly out when the bombers were on there way. Do you think Iraq is on the road to stability or civil war? This is called tank democracy.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Wajih said...

about the mubarak's involvement in iraq coflict; there's more evidence at:

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Hi Gary,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. My B52 is only a metaphor. I am not a war monger here. Arab dictators are only shaken by force and not willingly. To be honest I did not expect our President to make any changes in our lives. I saw changes happening because he was only pushed to make shallow changes because of Iraq and because the US suddenly changed it policies towards its former dictator allies.

I still cannot perceive comparing the US Adminstration to the Egyptian regime! If President Bush wants to stay or could stay in power for 30 years, I ll start the comparison with u. I will invite to come and visit some police stations in Cairo, they are not fit for an animal. Sorry, sad but true!

At 6:43 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Wajih, I posted your link on the relevant Blog thanks for sharing.

At 4:36 AM, Blogger Wajih said...

thanks freedom for egyptians,
i don't think the link is properly displayed over there, coz its not properly listed here. i am making it in two separate lines:

At 7:37 AM, Blogger مصرى أوى said...

Gary, there is no comparison in terms of freedom and democracy in the US and Egypt. I lived in both countries and actually what you are saying our regime is using it to sedate our people in a language like: See that, it is all over the world. I read a blog in that sence


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