Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bits & Pieces: Sharm, Elections, Nancy Agram, British Council, Martyrs

Arab Leaders versus Nancy Agram
Mubarak has been for years calling for a conference on terrorism but no one is responding to him in the world. Probably many know that he is one of the reasons why are suffering from terrorism. Now wearing the hat of the victim of terrorism after Sharm El-Sheikh, he is calling on all Arab leaders to convene in Sharm El Sheikh on an Arab conference on terrorism. I hope he remembers to mention that Iraq’s violence is terrorism and tell his press people that terrorists blowing themselves everywhere in Iraq are not martyrs or resistance. Iraqi friend of mine saw Egyptians demonstrators in Cairo hailing terrorists in Iraq as resistance; she felt so disgusted and almost fainted. Thanks to Mubarak’s rubbish mass media that are run by a bunch ignorant that were paid Saddam’s oil coupons.

Lebanese singer Nancy Agram in solidarity with Egyptians announced holding a concert in Sharm El Sheikh to beat terrorism. I prefer to go and see Nancy’s concert rather than seeing a group of ailing, one-step away from coffins Arab leaders whom their regimes breed terrorism all over the world. I prefer to go to a concert where I know the price of the ticket rather seeing a futile conference that I know nothing about its budget or how much money is spent on 8 hours live broadcast on TV and radio, and printed papers, booked suites in lavishing hotels and guest houses when this money should be spent on my people for development programs.

Martyrs in all cases
Sharm El-Sheikh victims are named everywhere in the Egyptian press as martyrs. I owe all victims all over the world all the respect for paying their lives in such horrific ways. But I would like to tell my friends here also that Hamas suicide bombers who blew themselves in children’s school buses are named martyrs by the Egyptian press and mass media in general. Would anybody please give me the number of the fax or the email where martyrdom licenses are granted? I would like to read guidelines on who is qualified as martyr. I would like to say also that allowing the ideology of extremism in any form is a way of promoting it. Bravo Egyptian mass media.

Mubarak’s election campaign versus Bush
I would like to remind our dictator that using any property for election campaigns where public money is spent is forbidden. The US is attacked everywhere everyday in our press except when they claim that the US hails Mubarak, because this is the only time, the Egyptian press of Mubarak play friends with the US. I would like to see the press mentioning that the was not EVER used by President Bush for his 2004 election campaign though he was in office. He and Vice President Cheney had a separate website for elections that has nothing to do with public money. Is there anybody here listening? Or we will continue to live in the world of deaf dictators forever.

Pharaohs versus vice president
I was waiting to hear from the dictator an announcement on a vice president. I think I would rather wait to milk the bull. Even the claimed liberal Ayman Nour, he standing as another pharaoh with no vice president. He is the one man show all the time as well. Is pharaohship is a gene in the blood of Egyptians? Should I give up on democracy and freedom?

The regime’s gang
I would like to mention here that some Egyptians enjoy the fact that they are enslaved as long as they getting a piece of land in the northern coast or a job opportunity for son or daughter. Some of them would be satisfied with a shake of hand from Mubarak, his wife or his son. To my surprise some of them hold PhDs from Oxford and US universities and other renowned universities and when you tell them political change is needed, they answer you back who else could replace? They are acting as slaves and they are enjoying being enslaved to an amazing extent. They look at themselves as scum and in deed they are. In my opinion they sold all Egyptians because; guess what, the regime placed them everywhere in embassies, trips abroad for conferences…etc to speak on behalf of all Egyptians who hate their guts. True Egyptians who believe in change, democracies and freedom cannot find one door open to express their will because of the monopoly of this class that is hired by Mubarak to represent Egyptians everywhere in front of non-Egyptians who support freedom and democracy. Speaking of democracy, this is time for the world to reach out for the people of Egypt who are not hired by the regime to listen to their true wishes.

British Council versus Muslim Brotherhood
I do not have to mention this here, because I consider it a betrayal of privacy. But I feel obligated to tell the world something positive to assure the peoples of the world that there is a hope to win the war against terrorism. I sneaked few days ago to one of the Egyptian bloggers in Arabic and they had opened a discussion. One of them was informing his other friends saying that the British Council in Cairo is ready to sponsor any activity against terrorism and that could be a concert or anything. He/she said it as if wishing his/her friends could join or approve the idea. The idea was not rejected by the group at all. My impression is that they wanted to go and do something but they were very afraid. One of them warned his friends that Egyptian press would depict them as traitors working with foreigners against Egypt. This image is the easiest way to harm and intimidate any Egyptian citizen. This is the not so bad scenario from my own point of view. The worst case scenario would be tapping their the telephones by the state security and following their routes, then some other guys wearing civilians at night would fake a fight with them. All will be taken to the police station. The targeted group will remain at the police station and I ll not go on describing what can happen to this green youth. The regime of Mubarak does not mind at all that this same young guys be trapped by a group of extremists at any corner in the streets of Cairo to brainwash their minds or by an ignorant terrorist Sheikh at any mosque that harbor terrorism in Egypt rather seeing them joining international cultural centers in Cairo to join the civilizations of the world. Egyptians do not mind, help them get over the culture of fear that terrorized them for years under the ruling of officers and the brutality of the bullying regime otherwise the alternative will be the active mushrooming extremist radical networks in Egypt.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger R said...

Great post. I like very much the martyrdom point. It's amazing how the word is used. I can't imagine a martyr who kills. I also don't know why on Earth newspapers and media should use the word "Martyr" at all.
A crime is a crime, and should not be called anything else.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger R said...

" I sneaked few days ago to one of the Egyptian bloggers in Arabic and they had opened a discussion. Apparently they are young students either at university or high school."

mmm.. that sounds a bit snobbish!!
Egyptian bloggers in Arabic are mostly young college graduates but include some college students as well as middle-aged women and men. Those who were initiating the lates demos are young doctors who just graduated from medical school (e.g. African Dcotor and Mohammed.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Hi R,

I am glad I drew the attention to the use of Martyr. I took off the sentence that you don't like. I didnt mean to sound snobbish at all. I respect all bloggers regardless of their age.

At 1:48 AM, Blogger Superluli said...

hey there!
your last blog is awesome!
it gives me a great deal of comfort to know that Egypt still has people who think for themselves and not how the media/government wants them to think.

another one of those Egyptians

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Freedom for Egyptians said...

Hi Superluli
Thanks for recommending my blog on your blog, that's really nice of u.
We must continue give ourselves confidence and keep assuring each other. And we must continue to believe in ourselves as individuals of free will and mind that's the only way we can beat the Egyptian corrupt media and oppression.

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest post tackles a wide range of subjects, all of them worth paying attention to. From the election campaign to martyrdom or on special concerts to denounce terrorism, I think the whole contribution is a stimulating addition to the already very rich content of the Blog. I am particularly struck by the thoughts on the young students
who were discussing whether or not to support the idea of the British
Council to sponsor activities against terrorism. What apparently was holding them back was what society would think of them openly
supporting an organization with foreign links. Why are Egyptians so
afraid of consorting with foreigners? Why can one get into trouble by begin accused of a friend of foreigners? Why is this such an insult?

Is it pride or mistrust? Possibly both. The pride which Egyptians take in their country is tangible everywhere. The welcome provided for foreigners is almost unparalleled. The other side of the coin is that Egyptians are convinced of what is best for their country and that foreigners are basically not to be trusted. Maybe so, but take a look at what Egyptians do to their own countrymen. That level of treatment
has been adequately described here. The idea of non-interference is deeply rooted in the society. Are foreigners so wicked?

At 11:40 PM, Blogger R said...

Thanks a lot. I didn't mean "snobbish" in a serious tone; it was just a little note in a smiling atmosphere.

I am seriously working on a model that explains the random terrorism that we're seeing lately, have a look, I'll add another part in a couple of days...


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