Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dictatorship....Fossilizing Our Future

This man has believed himself to the extent that he thinks that he is a new candidate and that the National Party selected him. Who was the other guy who ruled Egypt for the past 24 years under emergency law? His twin brother? Might be my hallucinations.

This is an interview that was published today by Al-ahram weekly in English for President Mubarak's electoral propaganda. Words like FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY WERE NOT MENTIONED ONE SINGLE TIME in the whole interview.

The interview is also coinciding with the general assembly meeting of the Egyptian judges association who are about to declare their position from election monitoring today.

He said “Ultimately, what is right will prevail, because the Egyptian people are aware. They can make their own choices, and they know how to tell the difference between hollow slogans and my serious electoral platform.”

What is right, excuse me? Having you 24 years in power? I guess we all know that full-fledged citizens above 21 can make his/her own choices. I would like to know about his electoral platform; 24 years of emergency rule, arbitrary detentions, citizens disappearing, torture at prisons, no freedom of expression or press, poverty rates on the rise, beating peaceful civilians in the streets, unemployment, wasting years of youth of my people… I m still trying to grasp what does he mean by the hollow and his serious platform, can someone tell me please?

Speaking of other candidates: “On the other hand, some would propel us backwards into the past, while others fail to comprehend the nature of current regional and international balances of power. Yet others simply confine themselves to criticism without proposing solutions, or if solutions are offered they are unrealistic and impossible to implement.”

The balance of power is making Egypt one of the exporters of terrorism…mmm what kind of balance are we now? Solutions mean toppling Mubarak, that’s why they are unrealistic and impossible to implement. Ah ..I knew it…

On Egypt’s budget: “Subsidies on food commodities, petroleum products and electricity increased in the current budget in order to alleviate the burdens on the limited income sector. Of course, there are still problems in education, health care, transportation and housing, and we will do our utmost in the coming phase to remedy them.”

I would like to know what is the budget of Egypt?. Does anybody here know? I want to be treated with respect like many other countries that respect its citizens by being transparent and accountable. I would like to know how much is spent on your travels, presidential palaces and employees.

“Naturally, I refuse to be pressured by anyone. Egypt refuses to be pressured by anyone.”

All dictators refuse to be pressured. Say something new…

On stability “The world is eager for Egypt to remain stable because stability here is intrinsically bound up with the stability of this delicate region and, hence, international stability.”

And do you think you are the stability? Please continue to make sure that weapons are smuggled to Gaza and keep receiving orders from the Baathist regime of Syria. And do not forget to flare up terrorist fatwas at every mosque in Egypt and leave ignorant clerics rule our life. Our stability …good one! He did not listen to Dr. Rice carefully.

“As for our reform programme, it is inspired by a purely Egyptian vision and is a response to the legitimate aspirations of our people. Reform cannot be dictated from abroad. Our international partners realise this and realise that we will not tolerate such pressures or any form of intervention in our affairs.”

How come you were not inspired by purely Egyptian vision in 24 years? Reform is only dictated from abroad especially for cases that want to spend their lifetime sucking the oxygen from around their people depriving them from any freedom to live with dignity.

“Citizens must exercise their right to have their say and casting their vote is the way forward at this phase. I have this to say to the people: go to the polls and vote for the candidate of your choice”

So that we can doctor your votes because may be we will need to count this time instead of filling it for you.

Why I m not going to the polls?- Articles worth reading: socialist worker, CFR


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