Friday, August 26, 2005

Egyptian Elections Reality TV

I really did not want to write elaborately about the so-called Egyptian election farce for two reasons, first I m not seeing any signs of credibility and the second because I m boycotting. Call me negative..bla bla... I do want to be used to delcare Egypt run by elected dictator. I do not want to be the reason for painting a pinky image about Egypt when my people are ground under all forms of oppression. And, no one is representing me and the whole process is illegal as it is based on fraud.

Anyway, I found this joke which is not a joke, it is a true story reported by Al-Hayat newspaper about presidential campaigning. Read the full story in Arabic
here. And the following is a translation to the second paragraph of the story or the bitter joke.

"Mubarak went to visit Al-Menya Governorate in one of his electoral campaigns. And before going to his popular conference there, he met with the family of a simple Egyptian citizen, Fathi Mahmoud. He had a cup of tea with his family. The meeting was aired live on TV satellite channels. Celebrating the visit of the very special guest, Mahmoud recited some poems welcoming the President. Then a conversation between Mahmoud and the President started. As much as Mahmoud was happy to meet the president, he was sacred to death about himself and that drove him to discuss a tricky topic with the president. Mahmoud asked “Do you remember the man you met when you came here several years ago to inaugurate Al-Menya bridge”? Mubarak facial expressions were showing that he was trying to remember and then he asked “who that?” Mahmoud answered quickly the man who ran into you to shake hands and you talked with him for a while. Mubarak answered, what’s wrong with him? How is he doing? Mahmoud answered spontaneously: the police arrested him. While Mubarak expressing his surprise, Mahmoud went on to say the police took him to a place we do not know about and we had never seen him again. Mubarak asked did the police take him because he shook hand with me? Mahmoud answered jokingly, this is the end of who shakes hand with you. Then Mubarak answered back joking then take care of yourself…"

If this is the end of a man who shook hands. What is th e end of 70 million Egyptians living under this kind of leadership. Apart from the democracy and freedom issues, this is to show you the atmosphere in which Egypt is run...Bargains on arrests and people never returning home...alas.
Here is a real joke from one of my previous blogs.
Freedom is not Free


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Kira Zalan said...

The most important part of this quasi-election are the long-term consequences. Tarek Atia brilliantly notes that the election logo that has become “a permanent fixture on [national] channels… may change things. Intentional or not, the flag immediately attracts young children. “What is that?” they ask their parents. The typical response would probably be much like what Kamelia Hamed told her son when he asked, that the flag is part of the election campaign, which is a process by which the public chooses their leader from among several candidates.

In that simple exchange, a revolution of sorts has already occurred.


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