Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What is happening in Syria?

AP's DONNA ABU-NASR reported today Syria's interior minister, who effectively controlled Lebanon for two decades, was found dead in his office Wednesday, days before the release of a U.N. report that could implicate high-ranking officials in the murder of Lebanon's former prime minister.

Rumors are spreading so fast that he was killed by the Syrian regime because Syria is under tremendous pressure from the international community. Other rumors say he could not take standing before international courts on the indictment of killing Lebanese Prime Minsiter Raqik Al-Hariri. He killed himself.

I really cannot wait for the UN report. I m dying to read what is in this report that might have led a regime to liquidate its most trustworthy men or lead the Syrian minister to commit suicide. Did he feel that his regime will not protect him after the report's release? Many many questions marks???
My only impression about this man's death is that the international community succeeded in shaking up one of the brutal regimes in the Middle East. Photo by Reuters


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