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Adel Imam Fails his Mission...

Photo: UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Adel Imam, left, and UNHCR spokeswoman Astrid Van Genderen Stort speak at a press conference in Cairo, Egypt Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2006, on the subject of the Sudanese migrants and refugees who were brutally dispersed from a Cairo square by Egyptian riot police on Friday, Dec. 30, 2005. (AP Photo/Nasser Nouri)

Adel Imam, a popular Egyptian actor, is very well known for his comic roles in plays and in movies. He won the hearts of millions of Arabic-speaking nations in the Middle East. There is no doubt that I was one of his fans who used to recite some of his popular sayings especially the ones in his plays.

Few years ago, Imam was appointed as a goodwill ambassador to the UNHRC. Many actors and actresses around the world are taking the responsibility of promoting the United Nations’ values and mission in different fields. And in Egypt, I can remember at least another two, other than Imam

In a news conference Jan 3 in Cairo attended by the UNHRC spokesperson together with Adel Imam, Imam regretted the deaths of the Sudanese refugees and said “There were talks between the police and the protesters for five hours, but the protesters refused to budge. They put their children in front of them as human shields."

His comments watered down the brutality of the Egyptian police that resulted in the killing of some innocent refugees living under involuntary severe living conditions. Those refugees were displaced by their own country because of the war in Sudan. But because life has to continue as cruel for them,as they had to face murderous crimes in Egypt. Imam was not shameful to not out loud condemn the brutality of the Egyptian police. Such condemnations usually come from foreign entities that are not lavishly living by the gratuities of the Mubarak family in Cairo.

His comments did not shock me because I saw his previous political stands from the regime and the Egyptians. He uses his popularity to market the regime’s National Democratic Party. One thing only puzzles me is the reason that drives someone famous wealthy popular actor like Adel Imam to follow a failed regime like the Mubarak's. The regime did not fail politically but failed to meet its moral obligations towards us, Egypt’s neighbors and towards any good cause that gives hope to any human on this earth. There are so many poor leaders, not in intellecut but wealth, that believed in their people and their country and succeeded in pulling their countries out of the tyrannical quagmires. But regrettably it is not only Imam, because there is a disease in Egypt. This disease's symptoms drive many people to lick the bread crumbs of the authority in a way or another rather than standing up for good causes or defending the human liberaties. Among other symptoms are continuous compromises and keeping personal interests at the expense of the disadvantaged unpriviliged people.

Photo: Imam with Gamal Mubarak, President Mubarak's son in an NDP demo in Cairo in 2003

In 2003, Imam joined an anti-war demonstration (in Arabic) organized by the Regime’s National Democratic Party meant to support President Mubarak and denounce the Iraq war and the Israeli occupation. It is amazing to see him pretending to defend the regime’s stances and not to stand for the rights of the Egyptians that could guarantee them a decent life. He only knows how to be the mouthpiece of the regime.

It would have been more honorable for him to remain as a successful actor rather than tarnishing his reputation with the reputation of a failing regime.


At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Madam or Sir,

Thank you for the even handed way in which you commentated and reported on the brutal events of black Friday the 30th of December.

As a Sudanese I am deeply hurt and offended by the actions of the Egyptian government and I am baffled as to the silence that my government has held regarding this massacre of its citizens!

Thankfully Sudan is now multi-party and the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement as well as the Sudan Labour Party have called for diplomatic action by the government of Sudan as well as tabling and discussion of this issue in the Sudanese parliament.

Even though I do not feel that I can ever go to Egypt again, I feel sorry for the good Egyptians who do not agree with the bloody justice that was matted out on the weakest of the weak.
The media only focused on the marauding crowds who egged the police on as they beat woman and man, old person and child.

Once again I hail your efforts and your fairness.
Keep up the good work.


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